How many calories are in Ruby Tuesday Kids Chop Steak


Per Serving

Number of Calories: Based on 1 serving

  • Calories: 403
  • Fat: 30g
  • Carbs: 17g
  • Protein: 16g

Nutritional Value and Information

  • How many calories are in 1 serving?

    Containing 403 calories (403 kcal), 1 serving has an equal degree of calories as 12.59 cups of cauliflower (cooked), 0.29 lbs of tomato powder, and 1439.29 g of mustard cabbage.

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  • How many carbs are in 1 serving?

    Compared to foods in the same food group, this food has a reasonable degree of carbs. In this case, about 60% of other foods in this food group have a lower carbs/calories percentage. Yet, this specific food has less carbs than nearly 84 percent of all foods we analyzed. Having a safe amount of carbs with a carbs/calorie ratio of 16.87%, it contains the same degree as tahini, champagne and sausages. For a healthy person, 17 grams is 5.67% of your daily recommended consumption.

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    Alternatives: Lamb Loin Chop, Halpa Makkara, Flame Grilled Chicken Breast, Skinless

  • How much fiber are in 1 serving?

    This specific food has the same quantity of fiber as foods like macadamia nuts, scones and alcohol with a fiber/calorie ratio of 0.5%, which is a considerable amount. 2 grams is 8% of your daily recommended intake of fiber for most people. Around 42 percent of all foods in our entire system have a lower fiber percentage. In the same way, compared to foods in the same food group (meat), this food has a fine quantity of fiber. In this case, within its own food group, this food has less fiber than nearly 28 percent of other foods.

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    Alternatives: Chicken Style Pieces (Quorn), Cafe Classics Steak Tips Portabello (Lean Cuisine), Jamaican Style Mild Beef Cocktail Patties (Tower Isle's)

  • How much protein are in 1 serving?

    Compared to foods in the same food group (meat), this specific food has a poor amount of protein. Here, within its own food group, this specific food has less protein than nearly 93 percent of other foods. However, approximately 57% of all foods among all food groups have a lower ratio of protein to calories. Having an average quantity of protein with a protein/calorie ratio of 15.88%, it has the same amount as salsa, chestnuts and cheesecake. 32% of your daily recommended value will be achieved by this specific serving size.

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    Alternatives: Fiery Buffalo Wings (1) (KFC), Chicken Sausage with Asiago Cheese, Onion & Roasted Red Peppers (Harvestland), Salisbury Steak Meal (Smart Ones)