How many calories are in Ruby Tuesday Piping-Hot Fries


Per Serving

Number of Calories: Based on 1 serving

  • Calories: 359
  • Fat: 13g
  • Carbs: 57g
  • Protein: 4g

Nutritional Value and Information

  • How many calories are in 1 serving?

    359 calories (1 kilojoules) are in 1 serving - it has around the same quantity of calories as 0.22 lbs of white corn, 51.29 cups of spinach (raw), and 1237.93 g of kohlrabi (cooked).

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  • How many carbs are in 1 serving?

    57 grams is 19% of your daily recommended limit for a healthy person. About 37 percent of all foods among all food groups have a greater carbs/calories ratio. In the same way, compared to foods in its food group, this food has a extreme amount of carbs. In this case, around 95% of other foods in this food group have a lower carbs/calories percentage. With a carbs/calorie ratio of 63.51%, this item has a immoderate level of carbs (it has the same amt as foods like potatoes, noodle soup and artichokes).

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    Alternatives: Lean Fully Cooked Turkey Burgers (HEB), Jalapeno & Cheddar Franks (Vienna Beef), Grilled Chicken Burger Patties (Trader Joe's)

  • How much fiber are in 1 serving?

    This item has a massive degree of fiber compared to foods in the same food group (fast food). Here, roughly 19% of foods in this food group have a greater fiber ratio. Similarly, almost 71 percent of all foods among all food groups have a lower fiber ratio. 20% of your DRV (Daily Recommended Value) will be filled by this food/serving size. Having a fine quantity of fiber with 5.57 grams per 400 calories, it contains the same degree as cherries, spaghetti and bisque.

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    Alternatives: Asian Veggie Patties (Morningstar Farms), Boca Burger (Denny's), Original Recipe Veggiburger (Franklin Farms)

  • How much protein are in 1 serving?

    Having a okay amt of protein containing 1.11 grams per 100 calories, it has the same degree as vegetable oil, chutney and gum. Compared to foods in its food group, this item has a meager amt of protein. In this case, within its own food group, this item has less protein than around 97 percent of other foods. Similarly, about 81% of all foods in our system have a greater protein/calories ratio. 8% of your daily recommended consumption will be filled by 1 serving.

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    Alternatives: Veggie Grillers Prime (Morningstar Farms), Dr. Sears Zone Black Bean & Cheese Enchilada Pie (Cedarlane Natural Foods), Fat Free Franks (Ball Park)