Calorie Content in Domino's Pizza Regular Crust Cheese and Tomato Pizza


Per Serving

Number of Calories: Based on 1 slice serving

  • Calories: 119
  • Fat: 2.8g
  • Carbs: 16.5g
  • Protein: 7.1g

Nutritional Value and Information

  • How many calories are in 1 serving?

    Containing 119 calories, 1 serving has approximately the same amt of calories as 9.92 oz kelp seaweed, 119.0 tbsp parsley leaves (chopped), and 0.36 lbs of harvard beets.

    Overall Score


  • How many carbs are in 1 serving?

    5.5% of your daily recommended intake will be filled by this food/serving size. This food has less carbs than nearly 46% of all foods we analyzed. Similarly, compared to foods in its food group, this food has a extreme degree of carbs. Here, approximately 87 percent of other foods in this food group have a lower carbs/calories percentage. Containing 41.6 g for every 300 calories, this item has a reasonable level of carbs (it has the same degree as foods like asparagus, chimichangas and milk).

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    Alternatives: Red Natural Casing Hot Dogs (Kayem), Natural Turkey Hot Dogs (Uncured) (Applegate Farms), Organic Chicken Hot Dogs (Applegate Farms)

  • How much saturated fat are in 1 serving?

    With 1.34 g per 100 calories, this specific food has a stiff level of saturated fat (it has the same quantity as foods like pork chops, herring and lattes). Compared to foods in the same food group, this specific food has a reasonable quantity of saturated fat. In this case, about 34% of other foods in this food group have a lower saturated fat percentage. Similarly, roughly 62% of all foods in our system have a lower ratio of saturated fat to calories.

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    Alternatives: Low Fat Vegan Vege-Burger Patties (Worthington Loma Linda), Organic Hash Browns (Cascadian Farm), Indian Palak Paneer (Amy's)

  • How much protein are in 1 serving?

    Nearly 76 percent of all foods in our entire system have a lower protein percentage. In the same way, this item has a tremendous amt of protein compared to foods in its food group. In this case, within its own food group, this item has less protein than approximately 17% of other foods. Having a superb quantity of protein with a protein/calorie ratio of 23.87%, it is around the same degree as french toast, pasta sauce and whole grains. For most people, 7.1 g is 14.2% of your DRV (Daily Recommended Value).

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    Alternatives: Garden Veggie Burger (Back Yard Burgers), Chicken Soft Taco (Taco Mac), Organic Chicken Hot Dogs (Applegate Farms)