Calorie Counts for Bakery Groceries

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  • 1.    Bagels

    Brands: Fiber One, Kinnikinnick Foods, Lender's, Lender's Fresh, Pepperidge Farm, Ray's New York Bagels, ShopRite, Thomas', Weight Watchers

  • 2.    Bread - cinnamon

    Brands: Country Kitchen, La Brea Bakery, Pepperidge Farm, ShopRite, Sun-Maid, The Baker, Thomas', Vermont Bread Company

  • 3.    Bread - french/italian

    Brands: Country Kitchen, D'italiano, Freihofer's, Fresh Bake Shop, Giovanni's, Kinnikinnick Foods, La Brea Bakery, Maier's, Milano, Pepperidge Farm

  • 4.    Bread - other

    Brands: Alvarado St. Bakery, Barowsky's, Bimbo, California Goldminer, Chabaso Bakery, Country Kitchen, Ener-G, Fabulous Flats, French Meadow Bakery, King's Hawaiian

  • 5.    Bread - pita/flat

    Brands: Fabulous Flats, Flatout, Joseph's, La Tortilla Factory, New York Style, ShopRite, Sonoma, Thomas', Toufayan Bakeries, Weight Watchers

  • 6.    Bread - rye

    Brands: Arnold, Beefsteak, Freihofer's, Harvest Pride, Kasanof's, Manischewitz, Mestemacher, Pechter's, Pepperidge Farm, Rubschlager

  • 7.    Bread - wheat/grain

    Brands: Alvarado St. Bakery, Arnold, Arnold / Oroweat, Aunt Trudy's, Barowsky's, Bimbo, Country Kitchen, EarthGrains, Fabulous Flats, Food For Life

  • 8.    Bread - white

    Brands: Arnold, Blue Ribbon, Country Kitchen, Dutch Country, Freihofer's, Holsum, Home Pride, JJ Nissen, La Brea Bakery, Nature's Own

  • 9.    Bread crumbs

    Brands: 4C, Arnold, Cento, Colonna, Cora, Dynasty, Gia Russa, Gillian's Foods, Ian's, Jason

  • 10.    Bread sticks

    Brands: Alessi, Angonoa's, Bread Du Jour, Fattorie & Pandea, Ferrara, Glutino, Schar, Stella D'Oro, Toufayan Bakeries, United Bakery

  • 11.    Buns and rolls

    Brands: Anzio & Sons, Arnold, Ball Park, Barowsky's, Blue Ribbon, Bread Du Jour, Calandra's, Calise & Sons, Chabaso Bakery, Country Kitchen

  • 12.    Croutons

    Brands: Cardini's, Chatham Village, Edward & Sons, Food For Life, Fresh Gourmet, Gardini's, Marie Callender's, Marzetti, Mrs. Cubbison's, New York

  • 13.    Dessert - cakes/pies

    Brands: Bimbo, Dolly, Entenmann's, Freed's Bakery, Giant/Stop & Shop, Hill & Valley, Kuchenmeister, Marble Mix'ins, Mrs. Freshley's, My Grandma's of New England

  • 14.    Dessert - coffee cakes

    Brands: Entenmann's

  • 15.    Dessert - cookies

    Brands: Archway, Biscotti Brothers Bakery, Entenmann's, Entenmann's Singles, Freihofer's, Lofthouse, Luna Rossa, Miss Meringue, ShopRite, Silver Lake

  • 16.    Dessert - pastries

    Brands: Barry's Bakery, Bimbo, Clover Hill, Entenmann's, Ratner's, Specialty Bakers, Tastykake

  • 17.    Dessert - sweet rolls

    Brands: Bimbo, Bluebird, Dolly, Entenmann's, Entenmann'S Ultimate, Fresh, Tastykake, The Baker

  • 18.    Doughnuts

    Brands: Blue Bird Bakeries, Dolly, Entenmann's Donuts, Freihofer's, Little Debbie, ShopRite, Tastykake

  • 19.    English muffins

    Brands: Fiber One, Matthew's All Natural, ShopRite, Thomas', Vermont Bread Company, Weight Watchers, Wonder

  • 20.    Muffins and scones

    Brands: Entenmann's, Entenmann's Little Bites, Entenmann's Muffins, Foods by George, Hostess, Isabella's, Vitalicious, VitaMuffin, Weight Watchers

  • 21.    Pizza and focaccia

    Brands: Boboli, Glutino, Mama Mary's, New York Style, Rustic Crust

  • 22.    Snack cakes and pies

    Brands: Aunt Hannah, Bimbo, Claxton Bakery, Clover Hill, Dolly, Drake's, Entenmann's, Entenmann's Singles, Fiber One, Hostess

  • 23.    Stuffing

    Brands: Arnold, Arrowhead Mills, Bell's, Home Pride, Martin's, Mrs. Cubbison's, Pepperidge Farm, ShopRite, Stove Top, The Shropshire Spice Company

  • 24.    Tortillas and tacos

    Brands: Baja, Bearitos, Chef Garcia, Chi-Chi's, El Rio, Food For Life, Food Should Taste Good, Goya, Guerrero, La Banderita