Calorie Counts for Canned Goods and Soups Groceries

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  • 1.    Applesauce

    Brands: Great Value, Lucky Leaf, Mott's, Musselman's, Placeholder, White House

  • 2.    Canned beans

    Brands: Bush's Best, Butter Kernel, Del Monte, el ebro, Freshlike, Generic, Glory Foods, Great Value, Green Giant, Hanover

  • 3.    Canned fruit

    Brands: Del Monte, Dole Fruit Bowls, Fruit Naturals, Glory Foods, grace, Great Value, Herdez, iberia, Jcs Jamaican Country Style Brand., Jcs Reggae Country Style Brand

  • 4.    Canned vegetables

    Brands: Amigo, B&G, Bell'orto, Bruce's, Bush's Best, Butter Kernel, Cara Mia, Classico, Contadina, Del Monte

  • 5.    Soup

    Brands: Alessi, Amy's, Armour, Bear Creek, Bowl Noodles, Campbell's, Campbell's Chunky, Campbell's Select Harvest, Campbells, Chunky