Calorie Counts for Dairy Groceries

All Foods > Dairy

  • 1.    Butter and margarine

    Brands: Benecol, Blue Bonnet, Breakstone's, Canoleo, Country Crock, Downey's, Earth Balance, Fleischmann's, Horizon Organic, Hotel Bar

  • 2.    Cheese

    Brands: 4C, Alouette, Alpine Lace, Andrew & Everett, Apple Smoked Cheese, Applegate Farms, Athenos, BelGioioso, Black Bear, Black Diamond

  • 3.    Cottage and ricotta

    Brands: Axelrod, Biazzo, Breakstone's, Calabro, Calorie Line, Cora, Crowley, Daisy, Friendship, Hood

  • 4.    Cream cheese and spreads

    Brands: Breakstone's, Marzetti, Organic Valley, Philadelphia, Pillsbury, Rondele, ShopRite, The Devon Cream Company, Tofutti, Weight Watchers

  • 5.    Creams

    Brands: Alouette, Axelrod, Breakstone's, Crowley, Daisy, Friendship, Hood, Horizon Organic, Kineret, Land O'Lakes

  • 6.    Dips

    Brands: Axelrod, Bachman, Bison, Cedar's, Cheez Whiz, Fratelli Beretta, Heluva Good, Litehouse, Marie's, Marzetti

  • 7.    Dough products

    Brands: Birrittella's, Immaculate Baking Co., Nestle Toll House, Pillsbury, ShopRite

  • 8.    Eggs

    Brands: All Whites, Better'n Eggs, Crystal Farms, Davidson's, Deb El, Egg Beaters, Egg Innovations, Eggland's Best, Hillandale Farms, Land O'Lakes

  • 9.    Non-dairy beverage

    Brands: Blue Diamond, Edensoy, Galaxy Nutritional Foods, Pacific Natural Foods, Rice Dream, Rich's, Silk, Soy Dream, Soya Kaas, WestSoy

  • 10.    Pudding and gelatin

    Brands: Crosse & Blackwell, Diet Kojel, Jell-O, Kojel, Kozy Shack, Osem, Reynaldo's, ShopRite, Swiss Miss, Thank You

  • 11.    Spreads

    Brands: Alouette, Athenos, Cedar's, Easy Cheese, Good Health Natural Products, Meal Mart, Merkt's, Oasis Classic Cuisine, Rondele, Rondele Pub Cheese

  • 12.    Yogurt

    Brands: Activia, Axelrod, Brown Cow Farm, Cascade Fresh, Chobani, Dan-o-nino, Dannon, Dannon Light & Fit, El Mexicano, Emmi