Calorie Counts for International Groceries

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  • 1.    Asian

    Brands: A Taste of China, A Taste of Thai, Annie Chun's, Asian Harvest, Blue Dragon, Dynasty, Galaxy Nutritional Foods, Gefen, Glico, Hapi

  • 2.    European

    Brands: Galil

  • 3.    Latin/mexican

    Brands: Garden of Eatin', Old El Paso, Ortega, Taco Bell Home Originals

  • 4.    Middle eastern

    Brands: Casbah, Fantastic Foods, Hodgson Mill, Melissa's, Near East, Osem, Riceselect

  • 5.    Thai/indian

    Brands: A Taste of Thai, Crosse & Blackwell, Kitchens Of India, London Pub, Maya Kaimal, Patak's, Riceselect, Sambal Oelek, San-J, Seeds Of Change