Calorie Counts for Meal Solutions, Grains and Pasta Groceries

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  • 1.    Boxed meals

    Brands: Annie's, Armour, Aroma Chef, Banquet, Banquet Homestyle Bakes, Barilla, Bear Creek, Betty Crocker, Birds Eye Steamfresh, Bowl Noodles

  • 2.    Chili

    Brands: Amy's, Dennison's, Famous Chili Inc., Field, Hormel, Morningstar Farms, Skyline Chili, Southgate, Stagg Chili, Van Camp's

  • 3.    Grains and rice

    Brands: Bear Creek, Botan, Dynasty, Golden Star, Great Value, Hinode, iberia, Imperial Dragon, Knorr, Mahatma

  • 4.    Meat and poultry

    Brands: Armour, Beverly, Bumble Bee, Dak, grace, Hormel, Hormel Black Label, iberia, Kahn's, Libby's

  • 5.    Pasta and noodles

    Brands: American Beauty, Annie's, Banquet Homestyle Bakes, Barilla, Barilla Plus, Betty Crocker, Buitoni, Corabella, Creamette, Dakota

  • 6.    Stocks and broths

    Brands: College Inn, Great Value, Herb-Ox, Keystone, Knorr, Knorr Hispanic, Knoss, Rachael Ray Stock-In-A-Box, Swanson

  • 7.    Tuna and seafood

    Brands: Betty Crocker, Black Top, Brunswick, Bumble Bee, Chicken Of The Sea, Coral, Crown Prince, Double, El Mexicano, grace