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17 Day Diet Bbq Sauce recipe

Ingredients Needed

  1. Ketchup (1.0 oz)
  2. Worcestershire Sauce (1.0 tbsp)
  3. Onion (chopped finely) (0.25 cup)
  4. Garlic (1.0 clove)
  5. Dijon Mustard (1.0 tsp)
  6. Cajun Seasoning (0.25 tsp)


No BBQ recipe is made great without a BBQ sauce. This is best paired with grilled, baked, or fried dishes in place of gravy.

  • Mix together all ingredients and heat for 1 minute in the microwave.
  • Brush on chicken and grill or bake for 5 minutes on each side.
  • Tips: Apply the BBQ sauce only when the meat is ready or cooked. Thick sauces can prevent the heat to penetrate the meat so it is advisable to cook the meat first, apply when done, and then heat again.

    Always remember not to reuse the sauce you’ve used when brushing the raw meat. It is already contaminated with microbes and spores so just throw it out because it’s hazardous.

    It is best to have a warm sauce applied to your BBQs because it will lessen the thickness and will penetrate better on the meat.

    Another good way to crisp the sauce is by whipping out your propane soldering torch to caramelize the sugar. Use this on the tableside to impress your guest.

    Other serves their BBQs with a last rub of sauce on the meat for a little more flavoring. But make sure you use a separate sauce for this and not the one you’ve rubbed on the raw meat.

    Use a long-handled silicone brush when spreading the sauce on the meat. This will greatly help to spread the flavor over the chicken compared when using spoon.

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Nutritional Information for 1 Serving

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