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P90x Chicken Salad recipe

Ingredients Needed

  1. Chicken Breast (boneless skinless) (6.0 oz)
  2. Low Fat Mayonnaise (1.0 tbsp)
  3. Spicy Mustard (0.75 cups)
  4. Green Onions (chopped) (0.25 cup)
  5. Black Pepper (1.0 dash)
  6. Dill (Dried) (1.0 tsp)
  7. Celery (chopped) (0.25 cup)
  8. Carrots (shredded) (0.25 cup)


Goody, flavorful, and nutritious, what more could you ask for? Try this simple recipe and you have a meal in a minute!

  • Blanch chicken, cool and chop.
  • Add all the ingredients together with the chicken, and then chill until ready to serve.
  • Share and Enjoy!
  • Tips: Cook chicken well done. It is said that when chicken is cooked in the right way, all juices from the meat are clear with no tinged of pink. It is advisable not to stuff chicken until just before cooking. Before cooking ensure that chicken is defrosted first. Clean work area, utensils and hands with hot soapy water before and after handling uncooked chicken. Never put cooked chicken in a container that has stored/come into contact with raw chicken, unless the container has been cleaned thoroughly.
  • Facts: Chicken is filled with vitamin B in which is a great source of energy for anyone looking to burn more fats each day. It provides almost half of your daily required amount of protein that’s why it is considered amazing fat-burning food.
  • Tips: Store raw chicken at 5 Celsius or lower. When conveying cooked and raw chicken it is encouraged products are preserved in an isolated cooler or ice chest. When storing cooked chicken, it is encouraged to freeze them within 1-2 hours of serving. It is encouraged that raw or cooked chicken that is stored in the fridge is eaten within two days.
  • Facts: Chicken breast supplies a wealth of health benefits to help you be in good shape. It has lots of nutrients that can minimize your risk of stacks types of cancer because it has more than 60% of niacin found in a half breast. It also contains selenium which protects your immune system that fights cancer away. Chicken breast, particularly boneless and skinless, has a more respected reputation than any other lean protein meat. It has systematically been considered as top of the list of lean proteins for fat loss.

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