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Dukan Diet Chicken Thigh With Mustard And Thyme recipe

Ingredients Needed

  1. Dijon Mustard (1.0 tsp)
  2. Thyme (1.0 tsp)
  3. Chicken Thigh (6.0 oz)
  4. Sea Salt (1.0 dash)
  5. Black Pepper (1.0 dash)


Here’s a simple and delicious healthy recipe for share. A meal that is high in protein, low in fat, and definitely inexpensive!

  • Combine Dijon mustard, thyme, sea salt, and ground black pepper in a bowl.
  • Coat skinless chicken thigh with the mixture then encapsulate the pieces loosely in a foil envelope.
  • Bake in an oven at medium high heat until cooked.
  • Share and enjoy!
  • Tips: When choosing a fresh chicken, do not select meat that show sign of freezing or any ice formation. When choosing frozen chicken, choose meat that is rock hard and shows no sign of freezer burn.

    Choose chicken that is pleasingly plump and skin that is not patchy or transparent in appearance.

    When freezing the chicken meat, cover it with moisture wrap or bags. Do not use wax paper because it is not moisture proof and will not accommodate the moisture in the meat.

    You can lengthen the quality of your meat if you will freeze them as soon as possible. Wrap individual pieces of chicken so that the needed piece would only be the one exposed.

    When thawing chicken, you can use the refrigerator, cold water bath, changing of water every 30 minutes or in the microwave. Do not thaw on room temperature.

    Chicken thigh can be cooked in two techniques, grilling and baking. When grilling using charcoal, place the grill 4 or 5 inches above coals to begin.

    To remove the bones from the chicken thigh, pry it out of the flesh with strong fingers. Boneless chicken thigh can be use on any types of recipe at a lower cost.

    To remove the chicken skin, begin by pulling the thigh and rip out until completely removed.

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Nutritional Information for 1 Serving

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