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Dukan Diet Cabbage Soup recipe

Ingredients Needed

  1. Ground Beef (800.0 g)
  2. Crushed Tomatoes (Canned) (1500.0 g)
  3. Cabbage - Raw (1.0 head medium)
  4. Onions - Raw (2.0 large)
  5. Celery - Raw (6.0 stalk large)
  6. Mushrooms - Raw (2.0 cup whole)
  7. Snow or Sugar Snap Peas (Frozen) (1.0 cup)
  8. Carrots - Raw (1.0 cup of chopped)
  9. Salt (1.0 dash)
  10. Garlic (5.0 clove)
  11. Parsley (0.3 tbsp)


A nutritious and delicious cabbage soup recipe that will warm the heart and soul of anyone you serve it to. It's perfect for a cold winter night or for someone close to you recovering from an illness.

  • Before cooking, prepare all ingredients listed above. Roughly chop the tomatoes into dices. Shred the cabbage or chop into long strips. Roughly chop the bulbs of onion and stalks of celery. Cut the snow peas in half. Roughly chop the fresh mushrooms. Shred the carrots. Mince the cloves of garlic. Finely chop the parsley.
  • The secret to an aromatic vegetable soup is adding what chef’s call the mirepoix. It is simply the combination of three flavourful ingredients –carrots, celery, and onion. Add this to any stew you make and your half way there in making a delicious stew.
  • In a frying pan, heat a tablespoon of cooking oil and sauté the cloves of garlic and some onions. Once the garlic and onions have released their flavors, pour in all of the lean ground beef. Saute until ground beef is cooked and a bit browned. Browning the beef will release more flavor for our stew. Once browned, drain the oil and set the beef aside.
  • Prepare a stew pot big enough to accommodate all the ingredients. Fill this halfway with water. Over high heat, bring water to a boil. Once water is already boiling, reduce heat to medium.
  • Pour in the boiling water your carrots, celery, onion, and snow peas. Let this simmer until your carrots and snow peas are soft.
  • Next pour in the ground beef and mushrooms. Let simmer for 5-10 minutes. Add more hot water if necessary.
  • Taste your stew. Add salt according to your taste preference.
  • Just before serving, dump in the chopped cabbage. Bring the stew to a boil for 1 minute. Top with the chopped parsley.

    The parsley is an optional ingredient. You may remove this if you don’t like parsley or don’t have one at home.
  • Tip: Adding the cabbage just before when you’re ready to serve your soup ensures that your cabbage will stay crisp and fresh. This will add a nice texture to your cabbage soup. Bon appetit!

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