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Dukan Diet Oat Bran Galette recipe

Ingredients Needed

  1. Egg White (1.0 large)
  2. Oat Bran (0.09 cup)
  3. All Natural Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt (0.75 cup)
  4. Granulated Splenda (1.0 tsp)


Start your day with a light and tasty pancake that is easy to make with this simple and easy steps! Make it sweet or savory, the possibilities are endless.

  • In a medium mixing bowl, whisk all the dry ingredients: oat bran and splenda to make it sweet. Whisk the wet ingredients: yogurt and egg whites.
  • Mix until all the ingredients in one bowl until they are just incorporated and all the lumps in the mixture are dissolved and become smooth. Pour the batter into a non-stick pan over medium heat.
  • Twirl the pan around, this helps to spread egg beater into the pan evenly, forming a perfect round shape. If the batter sticks into the pan, coat the pan with a little oil.
  • Cook the pancake for about 3 minutes each side, when the bubbles start to appear in the pancake flip it over to the other side cook for another 3 minutes. Transfer it into a plate and it’s ready to serve.
  • Tips: You can add other ingredients such as herbs or chopped garlic into the pancake batter for a savory pancake. Serve it with whipped cream or top it off with some fresh fruits like: strawberries, blueberries, or a sliced banana drizzled with honey and that’s it!
  • You can also use it to replace bread or buns with your favorite deli meat or turkey patties or maybe even meatballs! Don’t be afraid to experiment and be creative.

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Nutritional Information for 1 Serving

  • Calories


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