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Hcg Diet Cheesecake recipe

Ingredients Needed

  1. Cold Water (0.333333333333333 cup)
  2. Gelatin Powder (Unsweetened) (1.0 package (1 oz))
  3. Boiling Water (0.666666666666667 cups)
  4. Cream Cheese (1.0 cubic inch)
  5. Whey to Go Protein Powder - Natural Vanilla Bean (1.0 scoop)
  6. Davinci Praline flavored SF Syrup (0.333333333333333 cup)
  7. Liquid Stevia Drops (2-4 drops)
  8. Vanilla Extract (1.0 tsp)


Jazz up your cheesecake by totting up gelatin. Weight-watchers who wish to gratify their sweet tooth will love this!

  • Place all ingredients are at room temperature before you begin mixing.
  • In a large bowl, dissolve unflavored gelatin in cold water for about 10 minutes to soften.
  • Add boiling water to the bowl and stir well. Mix it correctly but don't over mix.
  • In a food processor or blender, put all remaining ingredients and add the gelatin. Blend well until smooth.
  • Whatever you desire on your cheesecake may it be light and airy or dense and rich - always make it creamy.
  • Pour into a glass bowl.
  • For topping, sprinkle with nutmeg and chill for a few hours until set. Remember that cheesecakes do not like temperature swings.
  • Take up cheesecake into serving dish and top with whipped cream. Serve and share!
  • Trivia: Cheesecake was already a well known dish in ancient Greece. With the Roman conquest of Greece, the secret came down into Roman hands. The Roman name for this type of cake derived from the Greek term became "placenta." Placenta was more similar a cheesecake, baked on a pastry base, or sometimes inside a pastry case. They were also called "libum" by the Romans, and were often used as an offering at their temples to their gods.

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Nutritional Information for 1 Serving

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