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Medifast Cauliflower Puree recipe

Ingredients Needed

  1. Light Cream Cheese (8.0 tbsp)
  2. Cauliflower - Raw (4.0 head medium)
  3. Dry Grated Parmesan Cheese (4.0 oz)
  4. Better than Bouillon (Vegetable) (2.0 tsp)
  5. Sea Salt (4.0 dash)


Try this healthy Cauliflower Puree recipe that you can serve as a side dish for your meat loaf or roasted chicken. It doesn’t require much time and money to prepare this puree. This can be an alternative for your Potatoes Puree. Enjoy the delicious taste and healthy benefits of this recipe with your favorite low fat main course.

  • Get your chopping board and start cutting your medium head cauliflower. Chop it into small pieces, preferably bite sized.

    TIP: To get the most of the health benefit of the compound Phenethyl isothiocyanate that helps lower your risk of cancer, you must let your cauliflower stand at room temperature for 15 minutes when you cut it, before cooking it. In this time frame, the compound will develop and won’t be destroyed once you start cooking the vegetable.
  • Put your chopped cauliflower pieces in a big pan. Add water into the pan and cover it with a lid.

    Cook the cauliflower in medium-high flame for 6 to 8 minutes. Wait for it to boil or until it becomes very soft, but make sure you do not overcook it.
  • When the cauliflower with water mixture is boiling, and your vegetable is soft, put down the heat, get a strainer, and drain the cauliflower.
  • Then get your empty pan and put a clean kitchen towel on its bottom. Put back the cauliflower into the pan, on top of the kitchen towel. This has to be done to make sure that all excess water will be drained or absorbed by the towel.
  • When your cauliflower has been completely drained, you can now remove the towel from the pan.
  • When the towel is removed, you can then start adding the other ingredients for this recipe. Add 2 tablespoon of cream cheese, ¼ cup of Parmesan or Romano cheese, 1 tablespoon of Time Savor Gourmet Garlic Gusto Seasoning, and ½ teaspoon of Better than Bouillon seasoning (vegetable or chicken flavor).
  • For this step you will need an immersion blender (stick blender) or potato masher (you can use any food processor that you have in your kitchen that can make a puree). Add the cauliflower and the other ingredients and blend until it turns into a fluffy mixture or puree.
  • When done, you can transfer your puree from the blender to a small or medium sized bowl. Season it with a little salt and pepper. This can be served as a side dish for 3 or 4 persons.
  • TIP: There are a lot of cruciferous vegetables available that we can eat without worrying the fat it can bring to our body, and one of these vegetables is the Cauliflower. It is one of the best natural sources of Vitamin C, an antioxidant that can help fight cancer. It blocks the cancer growth by stimulating enzymes called indoles (a phytochemical that can be found in Cauliflower). This vegetable is prominent because of its fiber, folic acid, and potassium contents which prove that Cauliflower is more nutritious than its white appearance would have you believe.

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