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P90x Balsamic Vinaigrette recipe

Ingredients Needed

  1. Balsamic Vinegar (1.5 cup)
  2. Lemon Juice (1.0 oz)
  3. Dijon Mustard (3.0 oz)
  4. Garlic (2.0 clove)
  5. Olive Oil (1.0 oz)
  6. Black Pepper (1.0 dash)
  7. Fresh Basil (4.0 teaspoon)


This tasty and citrusy dressing goes well with strong and sharp salad greens: consider having endives, arugula and cress green.

  • Crush the garlic with the garlic crusher. Or you can also use a knife to mince it; use a chopping motion with the knife, holding down the tip.
  • Using a bowl, pour the balsamic vinegar. Add in the minced garlic, fresh lemon juice and Dijon mustard and begin whisking vigorously. (Adding the Dijon mustard acts as an emulsifier thus making the vinaigrette come together and less likely to separate.)
  • Drizzle the olive oil slowly making sure it’s in a thin stream and whisk swiftly where it hits the vinegar. Throw in the basil leaves and pepper to enhance your vinaigrette’s taste.
  • You can stop whisking to taste once the vinaigrette turns to a pale brown. You can add in more olive oil if you find it too sour and if it separates after a few minutes do not worry you can just whisk it again to achieve the smooth consistency. Pop in the refrigerator until needed. If you have leftover dressing keep it in the fridge for up to three days, shaking well before each re-use.
  • Emulsion tip: If you want oil and vinegar to be successfully combined, use a blender. You can also add in everything in a glass or stainless bowl if a blender, food processor isn’t available, just make sure ingredients are mixed thoroughly. (Never use an aluminum bowl if you are making vinaigrette because the acid in the vinegar can react with the aluminum, producing a metallic flavor.) You could even seal the ingredients in a clean glass jar or bottle and shake to combine.

    To achieve best results, all ingredients should be at room temperature when you start. The cooler the space, the cooler the oil gets, the harder it is to make an emulsion.

    Oily tip: Vegetable oil, salad oil are fine for creating the basic vinaigrette. You can also use other oils such as safflower, canola or soybean oil. One of the most commons substitutes for olive oil is salad oil. If you are going to substitute make sure to use the extra virgin olive oil, not the less expensive light oils. A lot of oils are available these days, which can include nuts such as walnuts and almonds and fruits like the avocado, the possible combinations to create the basic vinaigrette are absolutely endless.

    Perfected vinaigrette surely will give an enormous WOW when given to people. Just put the home made vinaigrette in spice/small jars, cut a piece of parchment paper to write on and cut a twine/yard to tie the parchment paper to the small jar to make a fancy wrapping for the vinaigrette. I’m sure you’ll leave people you’ve given the vinaigrette wanting for more.

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