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P90x German Potato Soup recipe

Ingredients Needed

  1. Meaty Ham Bone (8.0 piece)
  2. Bay Leaves (16.0 leaves)
  3. Water (96.0 cups/3 quarts)
  4. Onions (8.0 large onion, diced)
  5. Celery - Raw (8.0 stalk large)
  6. Potatoes (64.0 potatoes, diced)
  7. Carrots (24.0 carrots)
  8. Salt (8.0 dash)
  9. Black Pepper (8.0 dash)
  10. Cabbage - Raw (8.0 head medium)
  11. Parsley (8.0 tbsp)


Do you want to prepare a scrumptious and nutritious soup that won’t ruin your diet? Then try this recipe for German Potato Soup meal and you’ll definitely love it.

  • First you’ll need to make sure that the ingredients are prepared. Chop the onions, celery, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and parsley. Set aside.
  • Put a skillet over medium heat. Add the meaty ham bone, 2 bay leaves, and 3 quarts of water. Cook it for one hour until it starts boiling.
  • Check your broth while cooking, add extra water if necessary. The broth might boil down too much that extra water might be needed.
  • When the broth is prepared, remove the meat from the skillet. Using a sharp knife cut the meat into chunks.
  • Add ham, diced onions, sliced celery, diced potatoes, sliced carrots, chopped cabbage, 1 tablespoon of chopped parsley, salt, and pepper to the broth. Continue to cook until the veggies are well-cooked.
  • When the veggies are done, turn off the stove. Transfer the soup from the skillet to a small or medium sized bowl. Serve hot.
  • Health Benefits of Potato:

    Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and contains small amount of protein which makes it an ideal diet for those lean and thins who badly want to gain some weight. The vitamin C and vitamin B complex that can be found on potatoes are also helpful in proper absorption of carbohydrate.

    Potatoes containing carbohydrates makes them easy to digest and helps assist digestion. This is great for those who are confined in the hospital or for babies who cannot digest hard food but need energy.

    The vitamin C and B-complex and other minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium are good for the skin. Some combine the pulp from crushed raw potatoes and honey and use it as skin and face packs.

    The vitamin C in potatoes is also helpful in avoiding the risk of dreaded deficiency disease caused due to lack of vitamin C. It is described by having cracked lip corners, spongy and bleeding gums, frequent viral infections like cold etc.

    The fiber in potatoes is useful in reducing the cholesterol and improves working of insulin in the body which helps in lowering of blood pressure. Potatoes also contain some substances called Carotenoids which are helpful to maintain good health for the heart and other organs.

    In order to maintain proper functioning of the brain, there must be enough supply of oxygen and glucose level, some members of the vitamin-B complex and some hormones, amino acids and fatty acids such as omega-3 fatty acids. These are all catered by proper potato consumption.

    Potatoes are great energy-rich diet especially for those who suffer from diarrhea. Potatoes are very easy to digest and it contains mild roughage, just make sure that you do not over intake for it might cause diarrhea.

    Water used from boiling potato helps relief rheumatism because of the vitamins, calcium and magnesium it contains. Potato is also very effective in internal or external inflammation.

    The juice from potato can be used to aid burns, bruises, sprains, skin problems, ulcers, narcotic effects, cancer of prostate and uterus and formation of cysts or tumors.

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