A new spin on beer

  • 1983 days ago

    Yes, I know beer isn't technically allowed on the plan. But here's the scenerio: I'm at the end of my day. I've eatten my 4 meals, and my lean and green. And I haven't had my 5th meal and I think, why not a bud light. (Yes, I acknowledge, under the plan, I'm losing out on the necessary vitamins by drinking a beer instead of a medifast meal. In this hypothetical, I'm assuming we're OK with losing some nutriets here and there.)

    So most medifast meals are approimately 100 calories and approx 11 grams of carbs. A bud light is 110 calories and 6.6 carbs. So a bud light would be similar in many respects to my 5th meal.

    I'm not arguing this is ideal, but ultimately can someone tell me if this would throw off my weight loss and why? My carb count doesn't change (it's acutally lower) and my calorie count remains the same. In my mind, this seems to work as an occasional strategy.

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