Benefit of Medifast Advantage

  • 2160 days ago

    Jose Level 1
    So, now that they are removing the 5% discount for medifast advantage, what is the benefit of advantage? Free shipping on orders over $150 doesn't sound like much of an advantage? Does TSFL still have a discount? Do I need to join there to get a discount or is there no discount at all anywhere? This sucks!.

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  • 2155 days ago

    I do believe that both Advantage and TSFL are removing their discounts. TSFL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Medifast, btw....

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  • 2154 days ago

    Just got the email from Medifast about the discounts being discontinued as of 9/5/12..

    To me, the free shipping is still worth it..

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  • 2146 days ago

    Free shipping is free shipping. I suppose you might find deals on eBay, but from what I have seen it is only on things that others want to sell - not the whole Medifast line. So they discontinue the discounts. What is the alternative? I, for one, will not quit buying Medifast food for quite some time. I put in a big order - as much as I could afford to spend - this month to get my discount while I could. The shipping for me is somewhere around $20. Better than nothing, IMO..

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  • 2146 days ago

    I was disappointed too.

    I will keep advantage for the free shipping I suppose, but i'm pretty bummed, that 5% does help..

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  • 2141 days ago

    Will you still get the other 4 free boxes with your second order with medifast advantage if you just signed up?.

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  • 2141 days ago

    Yes. And with TSFL also..

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  • 2139 days ago

    You still get 4 free boxes with each of your first 2 Advantage orders. I do not believe that is changing in any way..

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  • 2134 days ago

    I'm disappointed by the removal of the 5% discount on Advantage orders..

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  • 2129 days ago I was thinking of stocking up my Medifast meals to take advantage of the 5% discount before it goes away, but I can't justify spending $650 today for meals for 2 months to save $30. I will probably end up paying two or more times the savings in interest to my CC.

    I tried extrabux but that 15% cash back has been replaced with the 5%..

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  • 2126 days ago

    You are right... the 5% never seemed all that meaningful to me either..

    I think Medifast should have a reward program for frequent buyers. Some way to reward their existing clients, not just the new ones. And it doesn't need to be a coupon or discount, it could be additional product... like earning free boxes..

    Oh well, regardless, the removal of the discount isn't going to stop me from buying the product or staying on the program. It works, and I am happy for that! And I will stay on Medifast until I reach goal!.

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  • 2117 days ago

    I repeat this kind of regularly (sorry) BUT.BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR MEDICAL INSURANCE FOR.


    DISCOUNTS. I know for sure that Blue Cross/Blue Shield (CareFirst) offers ongoing food discounts. Two free boxes for every $132 (8 boxes) you spend. The discount is offered online too. My center honors this discount the food is slightly cheaper at my center and I don't have to pay shipping..

    Check your insurance policy.particularly under WELLNESS CARE DISCOUNTS..

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  • 2113 days ago

    I ordered meals by the case, two cases per month. That 5% discount was the equivalent of receiving a free box of meals. When DH and I both were using Medifast as a weight management tool, we ordered 4 cases, the equivalent of getting 2 free boxes of meals..

    Ordering by the case at $178.20/case with 12 boxes in a case, saves $19.80 over ordering 12 individual boxes of Medifast meals at $198.00. That's without the 5% discount..

    With the 5% discount, free shipping, ordering by the case, the price per unit box of Medifast dropped from $16.50/box to $14.10/box. That's a savings of $2.40/box that I could I use (if my math is correct - $178.20/case -5% discount/12 boxes per case)..

    Over the course of 12 months by ordering 2 cases each month, I would save $691.2 with the case discount, the 5% discount, and free-shipping. With the discontinuation of the 5% discount, I would only save $475.20 from ordering by the case instead of ordering by individual boxes..

    $475.20 is still a savings from ordering by the case; however, I prefer to receive more savings, close to $700 in savings..

    Will I stop using Medifast for my weight management program? Not today or within the next 6 months. I placed a large order for a number of peach teas (my go-to travel meal) before the 5% discount ends..

    We went through a similar shock of pricing changes in May when all of the Medifast meals were priced the same per box. Some people decided it was too much to pay and some people decided to stick with Medifast. It's a personal choice (and a financial choice)..

    As before, I don't care for the wording of the announcement..

    "At Medifast, we are constantly focused on supporting you as you achieve weight-loss success. We’ve been working behind the scenes on a few things that we think will help you reach your goal. ".

    I see where site upgrades and a mobile app will help me reach my goal. However, I don't see how removing a discount that helped me order more meals will help me reach my goal my easily....

    Unless it prompts me to stay focused, get to transition, and decrease to 3 Medifast meals in maintenance. Perhaps.


    The thought process behind the 5% discount being discontinued. LOL. It is effectively a price increase for those who are Advantage program members. Perhaps we'll get other advantages to be reveald later..

    That's my two cents. I am thankful for Medifast for helping me curb my carbohydrate addiction. That's the bottom line. How much is my carb sobriety worth to me?.

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  • 2105 days ago

    I was working the numbers last night for buying by case and it is a good way to save money on those items you eat the most. That discount will be missed..

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  • 2096 days ago

    I haven't been notified that the discounts would be discontinued on TSFL. But that doesn't mean that they won't be! It's easy to switch, you'd just have to select a coach and order through a coach's TSFL site. Coach's do get a kickback when you order from their site, but I'm not privy to those particular details, just that they get some kind of credit/kick back for it..

    I think it would be worth it for the free shipping, but it is a bummer that they're discontinuing the discount. 5% won't kill them in the grand scheme of things..

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  • 2088 days ago

    Can we purchase food at our local centers without using their coaching? There is one close by and I would be willing to do that..

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  • 2085 days ago

    Not normally..

    Never hurts to call and ask.each center is run differently..

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  • 2080 days ago

    Lincoln Fitness trainer
    To me the free shipping was nothing... I would get that much back from ebates or extrabux if I place my order thru them......

    I have not been following Medifast for this past week.... I am tired of eating 1000 cals a day and losing .5 and then the following week I am up... then down....

    So I got off the roller coaster, and went back to WW... Lost 7 lbs my first week, second week 2 lbs... I began WW with "only" 30 lbs to lose so I think those stats are pretty good.....

    Anyway.. I am using up my medifast products... most are 3 points some 2... I add fruit to the shakes...soooo good... love the brownies as my dessert...etc.

    Anyway... I wish you all the best... will pop in from time to time to see buy some products.... I DO love medifast it got me to the point of only have 30 lbs to lose.... I lost 160 and kept it off for 6 years..... I just want to finish the journey and Medifast wasn't doing it for me this time around...

    I just think some people who have little to lose do better with food.....

    Best wishes to all.


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  • 2074 days ago

    I got the email yesterday saying the discounts are gone as of 9/5 for TSFL. It's very disappointing. But what was almost MORE disappointing was the wording of the email,.

    "The BeSlim Club Program will change as of September 5, 2012. Your membership in the BeSlim Club will automatically update to the new program BENEFITS." (caps mine).

    Then it goes on to talk about the discounts being discontinued! Hello?! Where are the BENEFITS????!!!! There are none! To me this was very insulting. How about, "Thank you for being a loyal customer. Unfortunately, due to (insert reason here) we can no longer offer discounts... We deeply regret this and hope you will continue your weight loss journey with us.".

    Gee whiz, where were the marketing people on this? Don't tell us you're giving new benefits when you're actually DOWNGRADING the program!.

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  • 2072 days ago

    I totally agree Intheboonies! You worded it perfectly!.

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  • 2068 days ago

    I hear you! Exactly! Just be honest about the discontinuation and not spin it to make it sound like it's a benefit. Thanks for voicing your opinion..

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