Best moisturizer for dry skin?

  • 2965 days ago

    I have the same problem and I'm allergic to pretty much everything that comes in creams and cosmetics. I found Udder Cream to be fantastic. The tube or crock it comes in is spotted like a cow and it can be found at Walmart.

    Try taking warm showers instead of hot and make sure you moisturize as soon as you get out. I also keep a small moisturizure in my purse for my hands and elbows (I find they get the worst).

    My mother swears by Oil of Olay for your face. She's almost 60 and looks to be ten years younger. There might be some merit to her claims. :)

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  • 2960 days ago

    I use Artistry moisturizer for my face and love it. It comes in a 3 step system but you can get it separately as well (but it works great together). Also the moisturizer has SPF in it, which is important especially for the face.

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  • 2959 days ago

    I add supersalve chocolate mango oil to plain cetaphil. my skin has never been better.

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  • 2957 days ago

    Olive oil!! I know, I know... oil? On your skin? But trust me: if you have over-oily skin your body is trying to compensate for how much you wash it. If you wash it less and apply oil, it won't need to make any additional oil of its own. Plus, olive oil's pH is the same as human skin so it neutralizes your skin and can make breakouts heal and go away faster.

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  • 2890 days ago

    I've been through this due to weather change .. Fortunately, my skin is back to normal now after using Dermalogica products (cleanser + moisturizer) .. you should give it a go! xx

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