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    synapticztouch Level 2
    Just found this...Great Site.

    Anyway, so I am on a plan to not necessarily drop a ton of weight but get my overall health & lifestyle on the up and up. Played football in HS and some college but after I started working in my field, IT which can make things difficult to get away from a screen, I found that my eating habits really got away from me. Of course this didn't matter when I was active but intrusion detection and incident response don't really count as physically stimulating. I have been eating healthier, keyword, but I am curious as to tips any other guys might have on food selection. I was a lineman, so I am a big guy and my body requires more energy than most. I am only 23 as well, which I count as a plus since I have time to make up for all my "unhealthy" habits.

    Anyway, tips comments or not, I just wanted to say Hi and that I am looking forward to having a simple, easy, friendly community-based way to keep myself motivated.

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    My friend and I are also in IT, networking. Yeah it really is difficult to stay active. As far as food, I can only vouch for what worked for me. I found healthier eating is easier to do and keep track of when you cook and prepare meals in advance. I'm 5'10" and I used to be 220lbs; then after a diet of

    - 1lb of ground beef (at least 90% lean)
    - Baby Spinach and Spring Mix Salad
    - 2 Whey Protein Shakes
    - Water / Tea
    - Occasional protein bar.

    everyday, I started losing more body fat while still retaining my muscle mass. Now I'm around 165lbs, same amount of muscle (I hope more) but without all the fat. Basically I was going for a high protein diet while cutting out carbs. What really helped me to stay focus was weighing myself everyday and rewarding myself on cheat days at the end of the week.

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    How is your cholesterol now?
    I have always had good results by cutting carbs, but my cholesterol has always gone through the roof.

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    Ah! I'm not sure.
    If I remember correctly, 1lb of lean ground beef would have been ~98% of the Daily Recommended Value. I read online somewhere that grass-fed beef is much better on cholesterol levels too, although quite expensive.

    My family has had a history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, but during my last check up my cholesterol levels were okay.

    *side note: I also cooked with PAM cooking spray or ExtraVirgin Olive Oil.

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    A friend sent me a link to They list specific foods to add to your diet to deal with medical problems like heart decease, high blood pressure (my problem) and diabetes. Simple things like apples, garlic, spinach, turkey, honey, olive oil, walnuts. Some ideas for making little changes in your diet that can benefit you.

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  • 3465 days ago

    What I find very interesting is the effect of the same amount of cals (basically 2300 kcal/day) but distributed in 5-6 portions/day. That keeps my guts calm and the stress low.

    Of course they are 2300 clean cals, like vegs, grass-fed meat, whole non-wheat pasta. Whole bread kept to minimum, no soda, no sugar, no beer, some wine on weekends. And an all-you-can-eat day.

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