Ever had expired Medifast food?

  • 2160 days ago

    Grant Level 1
    I was sad today because I opened a bag of Parmesan Puffs and they had black spots of mold on them. They are expired so it is my fault but I have eaten expired food before and never had an issue. I wonder how old is too old. Have you ever opened an expired food and found a surprise like this?.

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  • 2156 days ago

    The only time I ever noticed that was when it was a bag of pretzels that I had in my purse. I suspect that the bag must have been pierced in some tiny way from all the crap at the bottom of my purse, and that let in some air. That's it, though, and I have eaten a lot of expired product since I reached goal. (I'm not letting the leftover smore bars go to waste..


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  • 2151 days ago

    On my last order, I got a box of almost expired cinn. pretzels. They tasted funny and had NO cinnamon not even in the bottom of the bag. I just got this order at the end of Aug and they expire the first of Oct..

    I called and they are being replaced..

    But, now I plan on checking all of my boxes..

    I don't think quality control is real good at the plant. And for what Medifast costs, it should be top notch, I think!.

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  • 2150 days ago

    I've heard this from other members, too. I've not had any problems but it's always good to check..

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  • 2148 days ago

    How expired were the puffs? Nutritional Support says it's ok to eat expired food, but not if it's moldy! Yuk!.

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  • 2142 days ago

    If this is something you just received, you need to talk to Nutritional Support about sending you replacements!.

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  • 2140 days ago

    Nutritional Support is wrong. PERIOD! There are vitamins in this food and vitamins used past their expiration date lose their potency according to the Mayo clinic..

    I've never eaten expired foods. I received bars once that were going to expire in two weeks. I called them and had them replaced on MF's dime.... not mine..

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  • 2131 days ago

    A simple solution would be to not eat expired food..

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  • 2124 days ago

    I should clarify: Nutritional Support says it's not harmful to eat expired food, but they do say that the nutrition is only guaranteed up until the expiration date. I think what they mean is that it's not dangerous to eat. Personally, I never eat expired food, unless it's only by a few days..

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  • 2068 days ago

    Corey Nutritionist
    My fault yes, for eating expired food. However I have eaten expired bars and puffs before and they were fine. I sometimes stick something back in the closet because I am tired of eating it, and remember it later and it is expired. I want to emphasize I did not have expired food sent to me. I had some left over from when I was on Medifast last time and didn't want to waste it..

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