Feeling bloated and gas while on Medifast?

  • 2213 days ago

    Nicolas Level 1
    I have felt bloated for the last couple of weeks, and it ony seems to be getting worse..

    Every morning, I take the Medifast probiotic "Digestive Health" and the Medifast "Heart Health" which has fish oil and flax seed..

    I also am now taking Gas X..

    Nothing is working..

    Two days ago I ate collard greens and kale (for the first time in my life) and I think that really made it worse..

    My stomach is probably bigger than when I started 2 1/2 weeks ago..

    I have also taken stool softeners to help with that part of it..

    Nothing is working..

    I have been totally OP but it is not worth it if I am going to be miserable..

    By the way, I have lost 6.6 lbs the first week and 3.2 lbs the second week..

    Help please!!.

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  • 2208 days ago

    If you are eating the Medifast bars, that might be the problem. Many folks experience terrible gastro problems with them. I'm not one of those folks but others have said they simply can't eat them..

    Be sure to drink lots and lots of water..

    Try Metamucil Fiber Supplement or another fiber supplement for a couple of days..

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  • 2201 days ago

    Was going to suggest it might be the bars - I was so hoping I could eat them but they gave me the symptoms you mention plus more that I am too polite to describe. I gave them all up for a week and all symptoms disappeared. Now I can handle one peanut butter crunch bar a day (it has the least maltitol in it). I can eat the oatmeal raisin maintenance bar as well - no maltitol..

    Good luck!.

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  • 2192 days ago

    Can you share here the details of what your 5+1 meals have included? Exactly what vegetables and how are they prepared? Also, exactly what 5 medifast meals you eat and if you add anything to them..

    Everyone is different, but I will share my experience:.

    I cannot eat the Medifast bars at all. They wreak havoc on my stomach and digestion. I also cannot eat some raw vegetables. I am fine with lettuce, radishes, scallions, tomatoes, but I CANNOT eat raw broccoli, cauliflower, green peppers, sprouts of any kind, and a few others. I get severe cramps and bloatiing when I do. I can eat them cooked, but not raw..

    My intolerance to raw veggies has become much more severe since being on MF. I assume this is because my body has undergone so many changes (physically, metabolically, hormonally, etc)..

    I suggest you experiment with process of elimination, but one day isn't enough. Remove some "suspect" ingredients for 3-5 days and see if you start to feel better. If not, then switch it up and see if it's something else that it is culprit..

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  • 2188 days ago

    Thanks for the advice..

    Except for spinach and mushroom salad, all vegetables have been cooked..

    Eating lots of salmon (wild), tilapia, chicken and following recipes from the Medifast cookbook..

    I only eat one bar a day, and I drink eight 16.9 oz bottles of water a day..

    Thanks for the advise..

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  • 2188 days ago

    What are your typical Medifast meal choices? Bars get blamed for a lot of discomfort, but I think you need to look deeper than just those. I would call Nutrisystem to get some advice. Members are only here to suppliment the Quick Start Guide and the rest is just opinions. I would call NS. Phone number below..

    1-800-509-1281 (Mon-Fri 8a-5p EST)..

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  • 2184 days ago

    I've heard soy can be a culprit and sometimes the type of fiber they use in the meals. I have the same problem and have to space out the bars and not drink the shakes with antoxidants, at least not close to the bars. I have had worse problems on some of the other "prepared" meal diets. It has been a learning process, but it has gotten better and it's a matter of finding what works for you. I've had a bit of trouble with probiotics as well, they can do the same thing if you aren't use to them. It's crazy that things that are good for you can wreak on our systems, but we get so use to the junk that the good stuff causes us grief to start out.

    Hope we helped..

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  • 2178 days ago

    Just wanted to say that even eating one bar gave me my horrible symptoms. I highly recommend going bar free for 3-4 days to see if it helps. For me the Caramel Crunch bar caused intense pain and awful diarrhea - just one bar!.

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  • 2169 days ago

    This will happen from time to time as your body adjusts. You are taking the right things to help prevent it but now that you have the issue one thing I have done it drink so Smooth Move Tea. You drink it at night and helps get things moving when they are not. Not the harsh side effects of laxatives. Give that a shot. You may have to do it two nights it things don't get moving. Or possibly you might have to take a laxative if your that uncomfortable it's fine to do..

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  • 2166 days ago

    The bars are huge problem causing gas. I still eat them and dont really care anymore..lol. I have found that it doesnt effect me as much anymore since I started taking the gasx after I eat the bar. I dont do the digestive health stuff anymore because after a bit it stops working. My suggestion is cut the bars out or stock pile on gas x. Sorry!.

    Hope you find a solution that works for you.

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  • 2164 days ago

    For me the flavor infusers for water - calorie burn strawberry lemonade in particular - make me heinously gassy..

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  • 2158 days ago

    If you add some lemon to your water a couple of times a day this will help some with bloating..

    I believe the gas comes from the high intake of say into the diet. A lot of people suffer from this when they eat things such as soy milk , edamame, tofu and we are getting mostly soy with our food from MF.

    I have been OP for 5 weeks now and the gas comes and goes and the bloating is not too bad now, my body seems to be adjusting. My husband is OP too so if it's not me tooting it's him. I eat 2 bars a day but honestly unless you use the whey shakes the rest of the food is high in soy..

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  • 2151 days ago

    Steven Fitness trainer
    I laughed when I read this... I tried SO HARD to not care, and then just couldn't do it any more!.

    Now I use the RTD shakes as sort of a "liquid" bar. I can easily throw them in my purse, and they are easy to get down quickly when I am busy or in a rush. They make a great portable meal, especially when you don't want something crunchy/salty..

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  • 2122 days ago

    HAHAHA - - I'm sorry I can't help you with your problem - - but this thread showed up earlier, in case you hadn't seen it - -.

    At least it might help you laugh at your issues......(if I copied the link right!).

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