Food with lots of protein? Or little carbs?

  • 2679 days ago

    I keep going over my carb/sugar limit and always under for protein (which is bad because i want to build a bit of muscle) any suggestions?

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  • 2667 days ago

    Stick to things like baked chicken, and when you want a treat, go for a fruit. You don't even have to have them raw. A baked apple with some nuts, cinnamon, and a little nutmeg is healthy and satisfies a sweet tooth, and baked or grilled chicken is zero carbs. Steak is a few carbs, but not many, and veggies are all good carbs. :)

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  • 2653 days ago

    chicken and fish (baked/grilled)
    I also like to have a organic, low fat peanut butter banana smoothie for breakfast some mornings.
    Avoid white, processed things...tortillas, rice, bread, etc. Choose healthier forms of those items and eat them sparingly.

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