Growing hair back after Medifast?

  • 3003 days ago

    Joshua Level 1
    Just wanted to let you all know that (at least for me) your hair does grow back after T&M. I had lost gobs of hair while on 5&1. Even though I had a ton of hair, it really upset me..

    I've been maintaining for a few months now and I see little bitty hairs all over my head. At first I couldn't figure out why my hair was so frizzy (it's naturally curly) but then it dawned over me..

    Just thought I would share for those worried about the hair loss......

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  • 2994 days ago

    Thanks for this info! I've seen some posts about hair loss and have definitely been worried. I went out and bought Biotin/Hair, Skin & Nails vitamin. Hoping to be preventative..

    I used Hair, Skin & Nails when I lost some hair due to several rounds of anethesia and it worked wonderfully!.

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  • 2985 days ago

    I don't have that much hair to lose! I think I will go out and buy those vitamins!!!.

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  • 2977 days ago

    Thanks for this encouragement - the hair loss has been my only issue with this diet.

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  • 2971 days ago

    How long after starting the program did hair loss start? A week, a month???.

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  • 2969 days ago

    IT VARIES ON the individual but just cuz you are on Medifast isnt the reason why your hair can be OTHER diets that do it too....or maybe you my have a thyroid problem? thats causes hair loss too.

    And there is NOTHING thats a pill will make your hair grow back fast...its just a money scam imo....

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  • 2966 days ago

    Taking Biotin can help hair loss imo. Biotin is a vitamin that is also known as vitamin H or coenzyme R,[2] is a water-soluble B-complex vitamin (vitamin B7). My hairdresser suggested it to me when I had issues after several rounds of anesthesia several years ago and it worked. If spending $6 to prevent/help hair loss, then consider me scammed..

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  • 2962 days ago

    This probably doesn't happen for everyone and if it does happen, it probably doesn't start the same for everyone. I'm in my 4th week and haven't noticed any hair loss (but then I am taking Biotin). Before I started MF, I was on the boards for a few days and saw a comment about hair loss, so I looked it up online. From what I read, hair loss can be due to rapid weight loss, although I am sure there are other reasons as well Medifast and non-MF related..

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  • 2953 days ago

    I just started taking a hair and nails vitamin because my eyelashes started falling out?? I'm only on Day 15 of 5&1... Kind of freaked me out!.

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  • 2948 days ago

    I am entering my fifth month OP and I haven't noticed any hair loss. I guess it doesn't happen to everyone?.



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  • 2947 days ago

    Sorry...didn't mean to freak anyone out. I meant this as a helpful post..

    I didn't start losing hair until 5 months/60 pounds gone. I'm sure I thought it was worse than it was but I had also tried biotin as preventative supplement (who knows maybe it would have been worse!)..

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  • 2939 days ago

    I am just curious why it happens at all, as in, is it a Medifast food ingredient? If that's the case, there is something wrong here. Maybe this would be a good Dietician board question......

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  • 2936 days ago

    Makeithappen, it's a side effect of fast weight loss and nothing to do with Medifast products..

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  • 2931 days ago

    I asked my doctor about it just a couple of weeks ago. He said it was the rapid weight loss/hormones and that it would grow back when I reach goal and level out my weight. I told him I was taking Biotin and he said that was fine but it would come back on it's own..

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  • 2927 days ago

    Thanks for sharing Arden. I've been at goal since February and still waiting for it to stop falling out.

    So every time I hear this I'm hopeful..

    Did you notice it stopped falling out AND then saw it growing back or kinda both at the same time? Honestly, I don't care so much about it growing back right away, I would just like it to stop falling out..

    It is quite annoying that the hair on my legs grows back like crazy.

    Sheesh, can't catch a break.

    For others;.

    No, It doesn't happen to everyone.

    It's not because of anything in Medifast - it's just the fast weight loss.

    Try everything out there (biotin, vitamins, shampoo cause it can't really hurt) although nothing worked for me.

    Get yourself checked by an endocrinologist if it does happen (nope, nothing different in my bloodwork).

    Yes, it is still worth it even though my hair is falling out..

    I have faith it should stop soon..

    It started for me at about 3 months into MF..

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  • 2912 days ago

    Ty so much for sharing this. I have been losing hair like crazy and it's been bringing me to tears. I do take biotin, but it's good to know that it will come back..

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