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    latabaiba Level 4
    Hello my name is Myriam. I am best-aged mother of two children, I love to eat and try not to get completely out of shape within trying to survice everydays chaos!

    I find this page because it was introduced to me by one of the "inventors". I think it is very useful and funny too. I excercise usually on a regular basis but not as much as I should...
    I think it is really funny to do the challenges and it is very helpful for me to see the nutrition facts of the food I eat. I didn`t realize that there is so much sugar in everything!

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  • 2897 days ago

    Cool! Nice to meet you. And, yes - with kids, everything is a little more complicated. But I finally figured out later that whatever I do around them, including nutrition and physical activity, would have an effect on them.
    Sugar? Isn't that the truth. I usually top out the sugar and sodium long before I can get the caloric intake. lol

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