How to spice up Medifast chicken and wild rice soup?

  • 2345 days ago

    Malia Level 1
    Does anyone have any recommendations for the chicken and wild rice soup? I was eating it almost daily and now am so sick of it. I have 1 box+ a few packs and am looking for a way to change it up or make it into something else! Thanks in advance!.

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  • 2343 days ago

    Unfortunately, I don't know of any recipes for that one....

    If it were me, I would set it aside for a time and have some more in a few weeks or a month from now, or maybe try tweaking it a little - add a cup of boullion, or maybe, if you're adventurous, try to make a different type of soup with it - add some ginger or vinegar and make sort of a hot and sour...?.

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  • 2335 days ago


    1 pkg Chicken and wild rice soup (pulverized into powder).

    1/8 cup South Western Egg Beaters.

    Pinch of baking powder.

    2-3 T water.

    Mix in microwave safe bowl and cook about 2 min - I use plastic and it works just fine but have heard that if you use something else you should give it a spray of PAM so the muffin comes out of the bowl. Topped it with salsa..

    Equals Medifast meal with 1/16 Lean and one condiment..

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  • 2335 days ago

    Thank you so much I will be trying this today!.

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  • 2328 days ago

    I have never tried this recipe. How did it turn out?.

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  • 2324 days ago

    This is my favorite meal, I add 'tortilla soup' seasoning that I got with my vita mixer and it makes it spicy. I also cook it in my mini crock pot for a few hours and it makes a huge difference.

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  • 2315 days ago

    I tried it today and it was ok. I didnt pulverize it as much as I should have so I had small chunks of chicken and peas in it which was not yummy. Besides that, the texture and flavor was good. I might have to try it in my mini crockpot next time. You really leave it in for a few hours?.

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  • 2311 days ago

    I tried this plain out of the packet and it was horrible! Time to doctor it up. Inspired from my favorite Greek restaurant.

    1 packet Medifast CWRS.

    2 teaspoons Cavender's Greek Seasoning.

    2 TBS chopped cilantro.

    Squeeze 1/2 lemon (to taste).

    Transformed into something DELICIOUS!.

    Try and good luck!.

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  • 2309 days ago

    I mix the soup with water and microwave it for a minute several hours in advance to soak. I think the mushrooms still have a funny texture, but it's not bad..

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  • 2307 days ago

    OK, so I have done some experimenting with the hot and sour recipe I suggested:.

    5tsp UNseasoned rice vinegar (no sodium, no carbs!).

    3-5tsp low sodium soy sauce (sodium can get pretty high, so only use as much as you need).

    1/2tsp hot pepper flakes (I scooped the bottom of my chinese chili oil, so it has some garlic/onion flavor - not even 1/8tsp oil.).

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  • 2301 days ago

    I like heat, so I add a squirt of Sriacha to a lot of my Medifast soups and especially the beef stew..

    The chicken/wild rice soup is definitely one that needs to be soaked for as long as possible..

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  • 2300 days ago

    I add italian seasoning, cayenne pepper, and black pepper, and let it soak for at least 5-10 minutes before I cook it. It makes it nice and spicy and far more tolerable..

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  • 2298 days ago

    I use 1 cup chicken broth to soak it in overnight and then sometimes add little pieces of chicken from the night before and makes it taste really good!.

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  • 2254 days ago

    Thai Tom Ka (no coconut).

    Add Green curry paste.

    Fish sauce.

    Hot pepper flakes.

    Lime juice.

    Mmm, tasty!.

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