I cheated, how long will it take to get back into fat burn?

  • 2207 days ago

    beez_bug Level 1
    I haven't been on the diet for very long. It's only been a month and I have lost 14lbs so far. Anyways I cheated once and now it seems to be the hardest thing in the world not to cheat. Any suggestions from anyone who has been in the same boat.

    Also I'd like to know how long it takes to get back into fat burn after cheating.

    I realized that I am one of those people they talk about in Chapter 3... Where I have a problem (being over-weight) it makes me uncomfortable and so I made a decision to get on medifast. Then I'm feeling good and the I'm not as uncomfortable as I was when I started so I am tempted to return to the previous behavior. I'm TRYING not to be that person... HELP

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  • 2133 days ago

    Don't beat yourself up, but get back on the wagon. When you "cheat" it simply means it takes longer to shed the unwanted weight. Everytime I have a glass of wine, I know it slows down the process. I lost 83 pounds in 7.5 months. Never cheated one time. Hard? Yes, especially during the holidays. Make yourself mentally tough and you can do it. '

    Good Luck


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