Insanity work-out

  • 2760 days ago

    Mikki459 Level 2
    Have any of you guys tried the insanity work out? Were you able to get through it or did you find it to be a waste of your time? I have insanity, and I'm a dancer, but I still can't finish the exercises without feeling like i'm about to die! Just wanted to know everyones opinion!

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  • 2728 days ago

    Hi there,

    I did not do Insanity, but my colleague did. She had finished 2 rounds of P90X before doing it, though. From her comments, it was a totally different workout - and really challenging. She loved it, though, and felt it really worked her lower body & core.

    I hope this helps. She did say it took some time to adjust to the workouts. Just keep at it & build up at your own pace. Good luck!

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  • 2727 days ago

    I have my doubts about the insanity workout because you have to do it everyday. That doesn't give your muscles a chance to heal and rebuild. If you do keep it up I might suggest every other day or couple days depending on how your body feels.

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