is it unrealistic to want to drop 15 lbs in one or two months?

  • 2681 days ago

    DiamondRomar Level 1
    I want to lose at least 25 lbs by my birthday which i s feb. 7th. Is that unrealistic? And do you have any tips on what i should do to lose weight?

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  • 2679 days ago

    it's not completely unrealistic, but if you're already at an average/healthy weight, to drop that many pounds fast may be unhealthy or just undo-able. Maybe try to lose a bit less? But if you do weigh a bit more, then it's easier to lose the weight! either way, it's good to aim high! good luck(:

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  • 2604 days ago

    Guru Nutritionist
    The average weight loss that stays off is 10% in 6 months
    The realistic goal is 2 lbs per week
    And that stays off with lifestyle changes

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