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  • 3147 days ago

    Butch2112 Level 16
    Just an idea I had, Is there any way to list food by where it's from? Kinda like instead of hamburger and getting 12 pages to sort through, How about if I said Hardees hamburger so the pop up list would just have Hardees items. I know using fast food place is a bad example but I still cheat and actually seeing the nutritional info (or lack of) could be a big motivator for me. Thanks

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  • 3146 days ago

    If you just type in "Hardees", you'll get a listing of food from Hardee's. Hamburger from Hardees came up #3 on the list when I tried it.

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  • 3145 days ago

    Ok I see how it works now. It did not work the time i tried. It may have had something to do with a bad keyboard(replaced it), or spelling (public school education). Anyway to save my integrity I want to thank you for fixing it. Thanks GA

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