Medifast Blue Cheese Buffalo Chicken Skillet Recipe

  • 2756 days ago

    Ismael Level 1
    Ok, this is not checked by NS!.

    I make a big batch of plain chicken breasts in the crock pot and then use it up later in the week. This is one creation that I love, love, love..

    6 oz of cooked chicken, shredded or cut into chunks (1 lean).

    1 cup of broccoli cut up into florets (2 green).

    1/2 cup of mushrooms sliced ( 1 green).

    2 wedges Laughing Cow Lite Blue Cheese (1 HF).

    1 - 2 tbsp of Frank's Hot Wing Sauce ( 1 condiment).

    Use a good non-stick skillet and spray with Pam. Stir "fry" the broccoli and the mushrooms together until crisp but not fully cooked. Add the shredded chicken to heat through..

    Push to one side. Place the 2 wedges of lite blue cheese in the pan and add a tablespoon or two of water to make a thick "sauce". Then stir in the chicken and veggies. Plate and drizzle with the Frank's Hot Wing Sauce and enjoy!.

    By my calculations this is 1 lean, 3 greens 1 HF and 1 condiment.

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  • 2754 days ago

    WOW! This sounds great! I will be making this weekend. My husband will like too. My son would eat it too cause he likes all this except he won't want the hot sauce..

    It's all the stuff I like combined and easy!.

    Thanks for sharing!!!.

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  • 2746 days ago

    Sounds great! I love to make chicken in the crock pot and add Franks wing sauce. I usually eat it with celery and lettuce and some low fat blue cheese dressing. I'm going to try this recipe soon..

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  • 2740 days ago

    I mix my cooked shredded chicken with Frank's and set aside. Dump it over a big bowl of salad greens and top with an approved bleu cheese dressing. The LC bleu looks good, too, though..

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  • 2739 days ago

    Thank you for this great idea. I did send it to Nutritional Support and they said it was right on!.


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  • 2739 days ago

    Newbie here; pardon my ignorance but what does Nutritional Support mean?.

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  • 2735 days ago

    Well Frank's Buffalo Hot Wing Sauce is like "mother's milk" to me, so you had me at that!.

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  • 2730 days ago

    Sounds like this one is going in my file (and my belly!.

    Thank you for the great recipe!!!.

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  • 2723 days ago

    Sounds great but...where do you get franks hot wing sauce? can't seem to find it! thanks!.

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  • 2720 days ago

    This sounds amazing! Added it to my list of recipes to try!.

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  • 2711 days ago

    Nutritional Support = Nutrition Support. you can post recipes there and they'll check them for plan compliance and suggest modifications and will also tell you how many leans, greens, condiments, healthy fats etc..

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  • 2711 days ago

    Thanks Patskar for clearing that up about the NS..

    Here you find the Franks with the hot sauce, ketchup and the like in any grocery store. It is really common so shouldn't be a problem. Any other wing sauce that is zeros all the way down on the analysis label for fats, calories and carbs would work I would think!(But it wouldn't be that Franks taste!!.


    Hope you guys enjoy it!.

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  • 2710 days ago

    Best new L&G in a LONG time..


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  • 2664 days ago

    There is a difference between Frank's Red Hot Sauce (sodium is 570 mg per 1 TBS) and Frank's Buffalo Wings Sauce (sodium is 460 mg per 1 TBS)...check the labels carefully! Red Hot Thick has 2 g carbs per serving, Kickin' BBQ has 4g and the sweet chile has 8.5g per 1 TBS. I love my franks but keep an eye on the sodium if you tend to retain water....

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