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  • 2364 days ago

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    Hi, Everyone. Is it cool to ask for the differences between joining a Medifast center or doing this online? If not, just disregard. I just need the most economical way. My husband is still not onboard with this, cost-wise..

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  • 2361 days ago

    My understanding is that doing it online is cheaper (have heard the centers charge a sign-up fee and have ongoing fees - which kind of makes sense in that they have to pay their staff, etc.)..

    I think I've seen a few people on here who go to centers, though, so hopefully they'll chime in!.

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  • 2358 days ago

    You can also get a FREE health coach also on the TSFL site with includes discounts on orders..

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  • 2353 days ago

    Either way, make sure you look for coupons/codes when you order..

    It is expensive, but so is being unhealthy..

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  • 2352 days ago

    I go to the center and it was not cheap at all. The membership I paid for is a 2 year plan so if I break the cost down by month it doesn't seem so bad. Some of the costs go to the lab tests they do to you as well as the monthly body analysis they perform. I like the center because I can go pick up food whenever I want and don't have to worry if I run out of stuff. They are definitely friendly and it is nice to talk face to face with a health coach whenever you want to..

    If you are worried about the cost I would definitely go the online route. I would have gone that way myself but I felt that if I paid for the cost of the center it would keep me more accountable to staying OP and complete it..

    Good luck with whatever decision you make. Any costs you put into this program are well worth it. IMO..

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  • 2348 days ago

    It is your decision of course, but I found that the centers were prohibitively expensive. I like the support I get here on the boards, and my doctor also agreed to sponsor me..

    Keep in mind that you may end up having trouble with the plan and be unable to continue it for the duration of your contract. I don't want to be a naysayer, but honestly, I developed liver and gall bladder issues and my doctor took me off plan at one point (when I first did it last year and was pretty successful); and there are people who have been allergic to some of the foods in the plan..

    I hope you talk to your doctor regardless, and you can find a reputable health coach by reading these boards (many of them post here) and finding one that you like. Don't let Medifast randomly give you one, many of us (me included) have had bad experiences that way..

    HUGS, Good luck whatever you decide..

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  • 2344 days ago

    If you find you can't afford either (online is cheaper BTW) I would suggest at least getting Dr.A's book - it will still give you the tools and tips you can use with regular food..

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  • 2336 days ago

    I went to the center at first. I liked the InBody scan they did for me- the machine let me know that my metabolism is only 1326 calories a day! The machine also had this print out of my body fat percentage, how dehydrated I was, how many pounds of muscle I had. They give you a print out of your stats- and based on those stats, they tell you how much your ideal weight should be. My supposed ideal weight was 126 because my body fat is so high. I freaked out at that number, I don't want to be in the 120s at all! I insisted on a goal weight of 135..

    They calculated how many months it would take me to lose to my goal weight (my time is longer than most because of my thyroid condition), and stated the cost would be around $1200, which is about $15/month- less than weight watchers. The first week's food would be free, and from then on, it would be around $73/per week additional JUST for food. However, they ask that I pay $400 to start that day, and then enter a short financing option which would require monthly payments of $200 till the $1200 was paid off. Basically, the $1200 is for weekly counseling and weigh ins- and $73 additional is to purchase the actual food..

    Although I had the money, I never tried the Medifast food at that point and didn't want to commit so much $ into something that I wasn't sure I was going to stick with. I also hated the idea of coming in weekly for meetings - it reminded me too much of WW. I just don't have the time and the meeting obligation would start to feel like a burden..

    I chose online instead because it gives me a chance to try out foods $100 at a time. It took me a while to learn to "cook" them in a way that was appetizing to me. Sure, I can't go to the center and pick up meals, but if I order online on early Monday morning, the food is at my front door by Wednesday afternoon. Egg beaters helps to stretch out my supply..

    After I lose some weight, I would LOVE to get on the InBody scale again to see if my metabolic rate increased and if my body fat decreased. But that desire alone isnt enough for me to go to the center..

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  • 2331 days ago

    The agreement with the Medifast center allows you to back out of any contract if you have medical issues or are unable to consume the food. You will be reimbursed the prorated paid amount..

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  • 2323 days ago

    I don't have any experience with centers vs online, so no opinion on that. I'm an on-line'r, so to speak..

    I will say that I'm not sure Medifast is expensive. In fact, I think I'm probably saving money..

    My old morning routine was to stop at the QT (c-store around here) for a large soda, and I'd usually grab a sausage and egg biscuit...for a total of about $3.50 or so. My lunch routine was a trip to Jimmy Johns (sub shop) for a sandwich, chips and a soda...another $7 or so. So round numbers, there is $10 per work that $250 per month. So eliminating those two things pretty much pays for the program right there. The rest is easily made up for by the reduction in eating at home. I was an after-dinner snacker. I easily ate a few dollars per day of snacks in the evening..

    Bottom line for me is the $300 or so per month for Medifast is almost certainly saving me money..

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  • 2316 days ago

    I hear this and I agree. I am just having a hard time convincing my husband. I have asked him to add up all we spend on food alone. He is procrastinating, I think he is afraid to see the absurd number. It has to be high. I am not coupoining or grocery shopping or meal planning, so we are eating out 70% or more per week. It's insane..

    So then I struggle with ... "well, why don't I just take time, grocery shop and plan meals, it will be cheaper." Yes...... it will........ but that is so not me. And I have tried that in the past just to get exhausted and overwhelmed and quit (especially because weight loss results were very, very slow)..

    Ugh. It's such a struggle being married sometimes. I just want to do what what I know is right for ME and not have to sell the darn idea. I am in the process of getting a higher paying job and if that happens, there will be no question or discussion - I will be doing it..

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  • 2309 days ago

    I don't know much about the centers to be honest, but I do know people have had success w/them. I personally did my entire program online- with the support of online friends! I think being connected is key. If you post whenever you are struggling and make good friends, they will help you on your journey!.

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  • 2302 days ago

    I have yet to see anything that the centers offer that is anywhere near worth the price they charge. All of the statistics they offer can be obtained elsewhere for little to no cost. They offer 1-1 support, which you can get for free from a health coach. They offer convenience of picking up food whenever you want, but let's be honest, is that convenience really worth $1k+? Is going to a center to buy food really more convenient than having it shipped to your door for free once a month?.

    The centers, IMHO, are a complete waste of money. You are way better off doing it online with TSFL, getting a Health Coach, and joining the Be Slim Club. Free support, free shipping and discounts on food, etc. If you can find your own coach ahead of time, even better..

    Now, you just gotta do something about that husband..

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  • 2295 days ago

    Online seems to work for a lot of people. Try it first, if you still want a more hands on approach go can go to the center. Just my opinion..

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  • 2286 days ago

    My husband didn't bat an eye when I started MF, but I understand how it can be hard making a team decision for one person's health..

    I tried only 2 wks of food intially, so I could test the waters - see if I liked the food and if I could even manage on a strict diet..

    I signed up for TSFL after my first week and haven't looked back. I am spending less on food now than before and I feel as though my life has changed..

    What would your husband prefer you do? Not diet?.

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  • 2284 days ago

    If you need hand-holding in-person, then the center is the way to go. I personally just ordered food online, without a TSFL coach, and just did the program as in the booklet. I got my emotional support from everyone here online..

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  • 2278 days ago

    I had my husband give it to me as a mother's day/ anniversary gift. I think he is pleased with the results. I also think that the crazy amount we spent makes me stay on program. I go to a center. I like the accountability. I have to weigh in each week and show my counselor my food journal.

    I made a promise to myself and my husband that I would do it, so I am. Good luck in whatever you choose!.

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  • 2275 days ago

    I am sure you didn't mean to offend, but that is kind of an insulting way to put it for those that choose to go to the center. NEEDing hand-holding and wanting to talk to someone in person as well as take advantage of the facilities available to you are two different things. I, like most people who go to the centers, also take advantage of the tools available on the site. I do not have a problem paying a small monthly fee to interact physically with my coach instead of over the interweb..

    It is no different than people who have personal trainers. Sure they could do the workout themselves and save some money but they would rather be pushed (not hand-held) by their trainers to ensure they receive the best results possible..

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  • 2273 days ago

    Of course it's cool to ask..

    From what I have heard, some centers are a franchise and that is where the disconnect happens. I got all the support I needed from the boards and chat. I am sure there is something to be said for the support of a GOOD Medifast Center. I just don't know how you go about telling one from another. Apples and Oranges. Whatever works for you..

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  • 2273 days ago you go....

    I'd like to challenge all of you to think if it as an investment in your health. You'll spend SO much less on medical bills as you age if you're able to maintain a healthy weight..

    Trust me on this...I've been working in the wound care field for years, and the vast majority of my patients have been overweight or obese, and mostly diabetic. I've seen them lose their toes, feet, and legs, develop horrible, life-threatening pressure ulcers on their butts from being so big they can't move (or from being in a wheelchair because they lost their legs). I've seen people battling horrible venous leg ulcers for years because the fat in their legs won't allow their veins to work correctly. I've seen my patients get infections from their open wounds that finally killed them..

    Kudos to all of you who are taking charge of your health NOW so you don't have to be in their orthotic shoes later on..

    Plus, haven't most of us found that Medifast food is cost-neutral because we're not out eating cr@p all the time? Our food bills actually went down because I cook at home almost all the time now. I can make us a lovely steak dinner for less than we'd pay going out to a cheap, unhealthy restaurant..

    Let's hear it for investing in our health!.

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  • 2273 days ago

    Here's something I posted a couple of months ago...hope it helps! I'll bump the original post so you can see the responses too.[/i].

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