Medifast COT Bun Recipe

  • 2756 days ago

    Rebekah Level 1
    I've had lots of people ask me for this recipe, so I thought I'd share it here.

    This is a wonderful "bun" recipe that I came up with. It has worked perfectly every single time I've made it and seems to be able to withstand liquids such as salad dressings, mustard, mayo, sauces and spreads!.

    1 Medifast COT.

    = 1 Medifast Meal.

    1/4 tsp Baking Powder.

    = 1/2 Condiment.

    Spices of choice .... I use Garlic, Chili Powder and Cayenne.

    (I count as 1/4 to 1/2 condiment depending upon how much you use... 1/2 tsp total is 1 condiment).

    1 Large Egg White.

    = 1/14 of Leanest or I just add 16 calories to my day.

    4 tbsp Water.

    = Free.

    Mix thoroughly with a mini-whisk.

    Take 2 round (microwavable) cereals bowls (the size you want your bun) and spray each one with a non-stick cooking spray. Then divide 1/2 the mixture into one bowl and the other 1/2 into the other bowl. Place the first bowl into the microwave and cook on high from 2 minutes 45 seconds to 3 minutes (depending upon the texture you like). Remove and repeat with the second bowl. When they are done, they pop out of the bowl the shape of a "bun"..

    Note: The 2 minute 45 second texture (to me) is excellent..

    So total this would count as:.

    1 Medifast Meal + 1 condiment + 16 calories (or 1/14th of Leanest).

    If you incorporate it into your L&G meal.. then you would still fix your L&G as normal and the whole "sitting" as your L&G + 1 Medifast Meal + 1 condiment + 16 calories (or 1/14th of Leanest).

    They seem to taste well with hamburgers, Chicken burgers, open faced sandwiches, steak or cheesesteak sandwiches, as an Italian Tomato Sandwich, or "grilled cheese, but microwaved". The possibilities are endless. Even Tuna has tasted great with them. There's just something about the tomato soup that makes a great "bread".

    Here is the picture. I can't believe how well it holds up. Doesn't seem to fall apart like a lot of the other recipes I've tried.... very sturdy! The top one is out of the cereal bowl as it stood, the bottom one I turned over so you could see both sides. It really does resemble a top and bottom of a bun, hehe.

    That is a "salad plate" that I have set them on so you can get a visual of size. It's just the same size of an actual hamburger bun, the larger one, not the small or mini ones..

    Just as an example... I made a "Venison Burger" that was absolutely DELICIOUS! So I thought I would share a picture as one of the many possibilities that you could do..

    This burger consisted of:.

    The COT Bun, the venison patty, 1 LC Light Mozzarella, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Cheese Wedge (on one side of bun), a Miracle Whip Light/Chipotle Mustard Mix (on the other side of the bun), Sprinkle of Green Onions, Lettuce and Sauteed Mushrooms.


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  • 2754 days ago

    Oh now I'm hungry!!!.

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  • 2751 days ago

    Thanks so much for sharing this! It looks so good! This is great for those that do not like the revolution rolls!.

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  • 2751 days ago

    Thank you! I am one of the people who drooled over your yummy looking burger, so I really appreciate being able to make it myself!.

    Next order a box of COT!.

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  • 2744 days ago

    This looks absolutely amazing! Would it work with the cream of chicken soup you think??.

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  • 2743 days ago

    Out of the "Cream of" soups, the COT has the best results.

    I have found that the Cream of Chicken tends to burn easier..

    I have, though, tried it with the Cream of Broccoli with success, but may want to adjust the water down to 3 Tbsp instead of 4 for this one.

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  • 2735 days ago

    Thanks for this recipe I will def order a box of COT soup.

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  • 2732 days ago

    Sounds yummy - thanks for sharing! Found the WF Alfredo sauce so I'm going to try your tuna casserole..

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  • 2732 days ago

    Thanks for sharing. This looks good !.

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  • 2664 days ago

    OOOO nice!! I might have to buy some soup!.

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