Medifast Cream of Broccoli Suggestions

  • 2757 days ago

    Nevaeh Level 1
    Anyone have any good ideas about how to make this soup palatable? I got a variety pack to start with, and this is the only thing I've tried so far that I can't choke down. It was *slightly* better when I made it stovetop instead of microwave, but I still think it's pretty noxious. Suggestions?.

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  • 2756 days ago

    Julianna Nutritionist
    I use a pinch of baking powder and mix with water to make a batter. Either bake on a sprayed cookie sheet at 350 until lightly browned or microwave on a sprayed saucer. Then I eat like bread. Yum.

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  • 2747 days ago

    I use it as seasoning on canned salmon and make salmon cakes..

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  • 2741 days ago

    Sorry I can't help you. Its my go to lunch at work every day. Salt, pepper and I'm happy..

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  • 2736 days ago

    I add 3 TBSP water and mix it up into a paste. I take a glass pie plate and spray it with olive oil spray. I spread the mix into a flat pancake in the pie plate. Microwave for 1 1/2 minutes. Using a spatula, I flip the pancake over in the plate and then microwave for 1 1/2 - 2 minutes until done..

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  • 2731 days ago

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  • 2728 days ago

    Oops..thats was supposed to be titled..."Idea" for 165 lbs goal.....

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  • 2719 days ago

    OOOOOOOO...... will you share the recipe please? Sounds good!!!.

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  • 2717 days ago

    1pkt soup plus.

    1 pkt of pancake mix with.

    1tsp baking powder.

    2tb eggbeaters and.

    1tb parmesan cheese..

    Add water to make a pourable batter 1/4 c plus and make a savory waffle..

    This becomes my bread! Add it with a wedge of laughing cow-yummmmm. I use COT as well!.

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  • 2664 days ago

    This sounds yummy. Thanks!.

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