Medifast vs. Take Shape for Life

  • 3228 days ago

    Tony Level 1
    Hi all,.

    I'm new to Medifast, and I'm planning on starting the program tomorrow. When I ordered my food, I selected the Advantage plan and I also selected the option with the free coach. The literature that came with my food on the Take Shape for Life program with the coach is leading me to believe that it is a separate thing from the My Medifast. The ordering should be done through the coach vs. the Medifast site, and they offer something similar to the Advantage plan called the Be Slim club..

    Originally I thought the coach was something in conjunction with the support of the message boards. I really liked the ordering process through the Medifast site. Seems with the coach, you can only order over the phone or via fax, and it doesn't seem to conveniently keep track of a month's order as you select your items. Also, the coach's website doesn't seem to have the community support of the message boards like My Medifast..

    Is the Take Shape for Life program supposed to be separate? Or can the My Medifast features be used in conjunction with the TSFL with the coach support?.

    Thanks for your feedback!.


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  • 3224 days ago

    If you chose to have a coach, then yes, you will be ordering through them. You will pay the same. You can order whatever you want through the coach and you should be able to order independantly on their website. If you decide you don't want a coach, then just call the Medifast customer service number and switch from TSFL to the Medifast site..

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  • 3220 days ago

    It's really the same ordering process. It's just that you do it though the TSFL site that's linked to your coach. Thats how I order But the websites look very similar. You can go to to see that for yourself. The prices and free 4 meals with first two orders are the same. TSFL gives a slightly bigger discount the road..

    Know that if you don't like your coach you can change and get a new one and I think you can even order without a coach..

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  • 3216 days ago

    No, if you choose TSFL you have to order through a coach. You can indeed order without a coach on the Medifast site..

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  • 3211 days ago

    I started out ordering through the medifast site, then I met a coach at my work and switched over TSFL. The only difference is I order through my coaches website. It does save your order and keep track of what you ordered. I am a member of the BeSlim club for the discount, but I still go to the medifast website to click on the MyMedifast link to bring me here to the discussion boards. Hope that helps, and welcome.

    Start date 3/21/12.

    Week 1-4 (-7) (-3) (-3.2) (-3.2) = -16.4.

    Week 5-8 (-3.4) (-3.4) (-3.6) (-.4) = -10.8.

    Week 9-12 (-3.4) (-3.0) (-5.6) (0) = 12.

    Week 13-16 (-3.4) () () ().

    Week 17-20 () () () ().

    Week 21-24 () () () ().

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  • 3208 days ago

    I have never ordered through Medifast, but I always place and manage my orders online through my coach's TSFL site..

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  • 3203 days ago

    I originally ordered through the Medifast website, but since I started out with the Advantage Plan, I was offered the free coach. I then made my second order through the TSFL website, and I was able to do all of my ordering on-line. I just sent out my third order on tuesday this week and am due to get it on Friday..

    You just have to make sure you go in and change your order before it is due each month, or you will end up with the same food from the previous order..

    The TSFL is a better deal. You get the 4 free boxes on 1st and 2nd orders, 5% discount for your first 6 orders and 10% on orders 7 and on. You have to order at least $250 to get the free boxes and $150 to get the free shipping, FYI..

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  • 3201 days ago

    How do I switch from Advantage to the Be Slim club? I don't want 2 orders! I wasn't going to get a coach but if it earns them some funds & gets me 8 more free boxes, SCORE! I wish I could have more than 1 coach because there a few that I think are pretty stellar..

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  • 3193 days ago

    Find a coach and open dialogue. They can take care of the change over for you. Then the next time you need to order, just order through your coach's site..

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  • 3188 days ago

    You USED to be able to order without a coach on TSFL. I was a member of the Be Slim Club from the get go. Didn't have a coach until transition. But with some reorganization about a year ago, they changed it so that you now.


    To have a coach..

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  • 3180 days ago

    I've heard some coaches order for their clients (through fax/phone), but most coaches that I know have their clients order directly through their website..

    The discount is a bit better with BeSlim, but most importantly, find a coach who provides the support that you need..

    I started with Medifast direct and switched to a coach about six weeks in..

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  • 3173 days ago

    To answer as best I can, in TSFL you are assigned (OR you choose) a coach, and you would be ordering through their website, which is set up and maintained by Medifast/TSFL on behalf of each coach. However, if you don't want to mess with the computer, you can always call TSFL Customer Service and place or modify your order as well. If you are new to TSFL or want to join and you don't have a coach yet, you can always have them assign you a coach at random or you can tell them the name of the coach you would like to be assigned to if you know of one you want to work with..

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  • 3168 days ago

    Thanks, guys..

    Coaches, listen up. I would like a 500 word essay on why you should be my coach. Please include any extracurricular activities and organizations you belong to. Your essay should be double spaced with 1" margins. Also, give me an example of one time you talked someone down from eating a Whopper..

    I'm hoping everyone gets it but if not:: totally kidding about everything after the thanks, guys.

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  • 3166 days ago

    HAHAHAHA! Too funny!!.

    I think I need a coach just to get my current weight to show up in my ticker! Grrrr!!.

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  • 3161 days ago

    Now that was very funny..

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  • 3160 days ago

    I think your ticker is correct. It shows the weight you started and it shows your goal. Your little butterfly shows where you are currently and below it shows you have lost 7 lbs so far. Is that not correct?.

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  • 3158 days ago

    Oops I see now what you are saying. it doesn't show the number 266 at your current mark. Wish I could help but I don't know why it's not showing that number. I'm just not good at those things..

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  • 3153 days ago

    Where shall we send the PDF? =) LOL..

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  • 3151 days ago

    Thank you to everyone for your responses (and for the laughs)!.

    Today is my Day ONE and I just had my first medifast meal (the oatmeal), and it wasn't too bad. I had read so many negative things about the food and was so nervous about trying it. Of course this is only my very first meal..


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  • 3137 days ago

    I asked my coach for my login information on the TSFL site. I manage and place my own orders..

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  • 1650 days ago

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