need some help sticking to the plan PLEASE ! I am struggling.

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    Sasisasi439 Level 1
    I work in a restaurant there is bread and pasta all around me , I'm always hungry , I lost 11.2 pounds in one month I went on vacation I gained 6 and lost 2 so I actually gained 4 lbs. I really know this works but I'm finding it so difficult to stay on track , anyone have any advice for me? I'm really struggling I hope someone can help me on here .. My boyfriend eats horrible and that doesn't help either. How do I curb my appetite & keep motivated ? I was 164 now I am 157 . I would like to be 145.

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    Water, water, water!! Drink LOTS of water! You should be drinking at LEAST half of your body weight a day. First of all, water helps you to feel full. When you're eating, drink between each bite. There are so many health benefits with it, too.
    Celery is a good muncher, and a free food. Keep some on hand.
    1) Small bites and chew your food slowly. Take drinks of water between each bite. It will help to make you feel full.
    2) Drink a LOT of water. Keep your water bottle with you at all times. Not only is it healthy for your body, skin and hair, but I really does help with weight loss. You should be drinking at LEAST half of your body weight each day.
    3). Set a reminder on your phone for your eating times. This helped me to remember the first few weeks. You will be surprised how quickly time passes between meals.
    4). Buy a food scale (they are fairly cheap- $6 and up) and weigh your protein. It is super easy to UNDER estimate your food.
    5). If you get a craving, grab your water and take a walk. Both are great for your health and it will get your mind off of the cravings.

    This keeps me from cheating when I'm on plan:
    It takes 4 days for your body to go into fat-burn mode. 4 DAYS! That's a lot of will power. If you cheat just once, it will pull you out of that fat-burn mode, making you start over on day one of getting back into it fat-burn. I NEVER want to get out of fat-burn mode!!
    Staying on track will get me to my goal at least 4 days quicker than if I cheat. PLUS, it will cost less because I won't be buying additional MF food.
    There are also a lot of great recipes out there to help you expand your palate. is a great one!
    Good luck, Sweetie.

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