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  • 2932 days ago

    NICKY2013 Level 1
    Hi, I'm new to slimkickers and already I'm hooked. I've been an active member of weight watchers online since January of 2009 and reached my goal weight in November of that same year. Unfortunately, I have put back on 20 of those pounds over the last year and can't seem to find the motivation to get those pounds back off. I'm hoping that with this "new to me" weight loss site that I will be able to get back to my goal weight some time this year. I would love to meet any new friends on here to help motivate me along this journey. Please don't hesitate to tell me a bit about yourselves.

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  • 2660 days ago

    Hi Nicky I'm new to slimkickers too. Just joined last Monday. I was also a weight watchers online, but it was way too much money for me. I'm loving slimkickers. I also downloaded constant coder app on my phone. It lets me track my weight daily. Yes I know it is obsessive, but this is the only way I feel I have control. I am presently just working on being healthy. I feel once I get that under control, everything else will just fall into place. My youngest son is getting married in Aug 2014, and I'd just like to healthier by then.

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