Not eating popcorn during Medifast?

  • 2220 days ago

    Brittany Level 1
    I'm a theatre geek, and we have a small community theatre in my town... popcorn is $3 for a new bucket (like... a small from a movie theatre?) and $1 for a refill. I went to see a show today, and even though I was offered popcorn three times (the joys of knowing the people who work there) I RESISTED!.

    I also went to a baby shower on Thursday evening, and managed to bypass the fresh fruit (which is HARD to get up here in AK and expensive) and the amazing chicken wings. I just nibbled on a little bit of raw broccoli..

    Finishing day 5 now - down 6.2 pounds..

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  • 2219 days ago

    Sweet! Way to stay strong!!.

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  • 2219 days ago

    That is awesome. Congrats!!!.

    I usually bring the puffs (still have 2 bags left) or pretzels as my snack at a movie..

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  • 2212 days ago

    Awesome!!! Great resolve under pressure!.

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  • 2207 days ago

    I just made it through a movie popcorn less!!.

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  • 2198 days ago

    Popcorn is my favorite food in the world. I've been making a joke that on the day I reach Onederland, I'm going to set aside a three-hour period in which I will eat nothing but popcorn continuously - buttered, caramel, cheese, you name it. Funny thing is, the closer I get, the more confident I am that I would not really do that. Lol. Right now I'm at our beach house alone (DH had to work this weekend) and for the second day in a row, a small back of potato chips he got with a sandwich and didn't eat (can you imagine?) has been staring me down with a vengeance. I walked two miles first thing this morning, and now I'm going to settle in with a shake and a book for a while.

    And I'm going to win..

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  • 2189 days ago



    But I won't post what I know here..

    PM me if you want to be turned off from movie popcorn for the rest of your life..

    Andi D out..

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  • 2186 days ago

    Ahhhh...come on post it for all of us to read!.

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  • 2129 days ago

    Well, I have an advantage that both of the theatres in town (live action and movie) don't use the "butter" that most movie theatres do (well, was previously an advantage). The movie theatre uses real butter and the play-theatre doesn't use butter at all. You get to add your own salt or other flavoring, but that's it..

    The only puff-type things I have are the cheesy pizza bites, and while they're okay, I didn't think they'd quite cut it. I had my choc mint crunch bar, and decided that my splurge would be a Diet Coke from the concession stand (12 oz can)..

    LiKeMeNoW - good luck with the potato chips! My DF keeps getting the munchies at night and having pretzels, and they smell good... but I resist!.

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