P90X and Pop Pilates

  • 2691 days ago

    mbalir Level 2
    Hi everyone,
    I am new here, but I feel like I've already become part of an insanely focused community.

    I was wondering; Does anyone here interchange between P90X, and Pop Pilates (by Cassie on Youtube)? I usually do the Pilates on days when I should be doing the P90X "YoyaX", I find it too boring, and I enjoy the stretch and cardio from PP.

    Anyone else do this, or plan on doing this? Tips?

    P.S. Please share any tips on staying interested once you've reached the P90X doubles week. I must have the attention span of a fruit-fly... O_o

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  • 2674 days ago

    jockinaskirt Fitness trainer
    When you hit P90X doubles, you have to find your inner push and goals to make it through those double workouts!

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