Portion size pictures of lean and green?

  • 1787 days ago

    moniturn Level 1
    Hello everyone! I'm new to Medifast (on day 3). I lost 3 lbs the first day, and then nothing the 2nd day. I think it's because I ate too much for my lean and green meal, although I followed the guidelines. Does anyone know where I can find photos of example portion sizes for my lean and green meals? A whole chicken breast? How many turkey burgers? A ton of vegetables? It's too confusing, and I'm not about to weigh out my food. Thanks for any help you can offer!

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  • 1729 days ago

    Wondering how you are doing now? I am on day 3 today. Have lost nothing. Was told to wait a week before weighing myself.

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  • 1723 days ago

    I am getting ready to start...wish you would have gotten some responses Im curious too.

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