Problem eating the meat

  • 2688 days ago

    sheriR Level 1
    I'm in week two, lost 8.4 lbs first week. I'm
    Having a problem eating the meat. For
    some reason I just can't swallow the meat at times. We did the Medifast chili today with ground turkey, tomatoes, extra chili powder and hot sauce. It had so much meat I did well to eat half
    and just can't stand the thought of eating the rest. Roasted a turkey breast on Thanksgiving and the smell
    made me nauseous. I'm not pregnant, I'm 64 and I have never had this reaction to meat, but I never tried eating 6 oz of turkey at once. Thanks for all advice.

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  • 2684 days ago

    i have that same problem too! and it always comes right around the holiday season. ESPECIALLY thanksgiving. I cannot eat turkey b/c I start getting sick and nauseous and the smell makes me sick. Now all meats are grossing me out, and I will only eat meat when my parents force me too, and even then, I only will eat a little bit like when it's ground beef or something, not like a big chunk of meat.

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  • 2663 days ago

    Were y'all taking any medication when you started getting sick? A bad reaction because of medicine mixing with food might ruin that type of food for you for good.

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