Ranch Dressing Recipe on plan with Medifast?

  • 3263 days ago

    Brycen Level 1
    Anyone have a recipe for a homemade ranch dressing that would be OP?? Maybe made with cottage cheese??.


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  • 3262 days ago

    I know that you're looking for a recipes, but I've found that I really like Bolthouse dressings that are sold near the produce in grocery stores. It uses yogurt in their dressing. It's a little higher in calories but low in carbs. I don't use much dressing so it's fine for me to use for a variety..

    It has been recommended on this site before. Also, have you tried AllRecipes.com for what you're looking for? There are tons of recipes on that site..

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  • 3253 days ago

    I agree with Lynn. I googled ranch dressing recipes (low carb, low cal) and Bolthouse is about the same ingredients and fits into the parameters and is awesome. I use the ranch with Chipotle chili added for my taco salads and my fish, chicken or steak "tacos" (I use butter lettuce instead of tortillas) and it's delish..

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  • 3245 days ago

    Thanks for the suggestions. The main reason I was looking for a recipe was so I could limit the amount of sodium. Bottled dressings tend to have a lot!!. I did do the store locator thingy at the Bolthouse website, and the only store they came up with in my hometown closed down last summer, and apparently Safeway doesn't carry it. So, I'm back to the hunt for a recipe! Oh, and the reason I was looking for a recipe made with cottage cheese is I can get no salt added CC at Safeway..

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  • 3239 days ago

    GS, google recipes. I saw several that contained CC. One also contained a packet of dry ranch seasonings which I though "what's the point", but I did see several all natural no salt added. They contained yogurt, buttermilk and I forget what else. It looked like it made about 2 cups but the serving size was 2 TBS and I think the nutrition worked for 5/1..

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  • 3230 days ago

    I did see a bunch with buttermilk, but I didn't think we could have that. And yes, I was trying to avoid the packaged ranch, otherwise I would just use Uncle Dans!!!.

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  • 3221 days ago

    GS exactly..I thought it was so weird that it contained that packet..

    When you think of it, all of the bottled dressings contain buttermilk and/or yogurt. I had the same thoughts..off plan, but when you use 1 or 2 TBS, they are now a condiment or healthy fat depending. It just seems weird to be buying and measuring cups worth, but if you want a homemade ranch, you have to do that. I'll go cut and paste the one that I thought sounded good and within the OPness of 5/1..

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  • 3221 days ago

    Here's a link. I can't find the one that had cottage cheese, but you can just substitute it for the sour cream..


    Also, click on "more nutrition facts" for the full story..

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  • 3216 days ago

    Here's the one I was thinking of..


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  • 3213 days ago

    THANK YOU so much!! The second one sounds perfect!!.

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  • 3205 days ago

    Here's one more..I really like this one. From clean eating magazine..


    Now back to packing I go..

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  • 3200 days ago

    Ohhhhhhh, even better!!! Thank you again!!.

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  • 3200 days ago

    You bet and you know..you could adjust it to use your cottage cheese if you wanted..

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  • 3194 days ago

    Oh yeah, already planned on that!!.

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  • 3188 days ago


    From COOKS.COM.

    1 c. Lite or Fat Free Miracle Whip salad dressing.

    1 c. Low Fat buttermilk.

    (Can substitute either Mayo or Buttermilk for Low Fat or Non Fat Sour Cream).

    1 tsp. salt.

    1/2 tsp. pepper.

    1/2 tsp. garlic powder.

    1/2 tsp. onion powder.

    2 tsp. parsley flakes.

    Mix well and store in refrigerator..

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  • 3171 days ago

    Debbie - Greek yogurt would be a good replacement for mayo as well! Going to have to try this one..

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  • 1642 days ago

    Is this dressing spicy. Because of health issues I am not allowed to consume spicy food. Before I adored spicy food (especially Thai cuisine) . Now I am desperately looking for alternative dressings.
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