Spark people or Here

  • 3266 days ago

    Shadowobx Level 3
    Which do you like better?

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  • 3217 days ago

    Used Sparkpeople off and on for a few years...have been hear about 3 minutes.

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  • 3216 days ago

    not much experience with either but did a quick checkout of both of them...Sparkpeople seems too time consuming , and has loading issues using chrome browser. I need a quick and easy web site or I'll spend way too much time in front of the computer playing with and tweeking it... for me this is the better site.

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  • 3213 days ago

    I'm not a big fan of SparkPeople although it's great for some. I like this site because it seems very simple to get around. I think it has great potential!

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  • 3211 days ago

    I've used SparkPeople and it's got good resources. But I think it's worth a try to change things up.

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  • 3209 days ago

    I have used Spark people and it helped but it is just a little more time consuming. I have just started this and it seems easier. SP did get me drinking more water, a habit I have fallen off on.

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  • 3207 days ago

    I agree spark people way to time consuming and not as interactive

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  • 2921 days ago

    SparkPeople's Ipod App only works on more advanced Ipod's/Androids, whereas SlimKicker still works on older versions. Also, SparkPeople was pretty good but I also remember having to relog every single thing instead of being able to re-use, but I think it might have been my device and not the app itself. Also, I had trouble logging in to the main site on a regular computer. That said, I think either will get the job done, but I think SlimKicker is easier to navigate. So far anyway.

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