Using Egg Beaters for Lean and Green

  • 2757 days ago

    Clara Level 2
    So, I've been on the program for a week and a half. To keep things easy for myself I have gone straight up salads with a lean chicken serving thrown in for my L&G. For me, in the beginning, the less thinking I have to do and the easier the better. Haha.

    However, now I am staring to look towards branching out, and I came across the egg beaters as a good alternative for my lean protein. But, I am wondering what do all of you pair with it for your "green" portion?.

    Just trying to come up with another very easy, "no brainer" combo like my chicken salad that I have been having..

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  • 2749 days ago

    This was one of the first egg beaters recipes on plan that I made. I liked the fact that it was a complete lean and green all in one..


    You can use that as a starting point, then switch out different veggies or cheeses, add different spices, whatever suits your taste. I also make an omelet if I'm running short on time. Saute some veggies, add the egg beaters, top with cheese and fold over. Done! The only part that might be a little tricky for some is figuring out how much egg beaters and cheese if you're splitting it. What I usually do is 1 cup egg beaters, then half a lean's worth (does that make sense?) of whatever cheese I'm using. It can vary depending on the amount of fat in a serving of cheese.

    I've done that too when I'm just not that hungry (hey, it can happen!). Hope this helps..


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  • 2746 days ago

    I love eggs. I break off enough frozen spinach to be one green. Thaw the spinach a bit in the microwave enough so that it breaks apart. Put the spinach in my omelette pan and heat until warm, then add the egg beaters. You could also cut back on the egg beaters and use some low fat cheese. I'm not a big veggie fan, so I configure my lean and healthy fats to make the green yummy. This is one of the ways..

    One thing to remember with the low fat cheese is that it takes a lot longer to get melty so add it a lot sooner than you think..

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  • 2740 days ago

    I have an eggbeater omelet at least once/week. I use 1 cup of EB then usually half of the lean. I will try to aim for 950 calories each day, so I put in all of the Medifast meals then decide how to fill in the rest at dinner. I will pair chicken, shrimp, precooked steak, turkey, or just a full-blown veggie. I never ate eggs very often before, but it is one of my better meals....


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  • 2738 days ago

    Thanks everyone!! This is very helpful. Think I will be adding in omelets and the quiche to my rotation and just throw in all the veggies to make up my "green" portion of the L&G..

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  • 2737 days ago

    I saute mushrooms, red peppers and fresh spinach to cook in with my eggbeaters. YUM!! FYI - 2 cups of Eggbeaters is a lot, so you might consider using 1 cup and making up the other 1/2 lean portion from OP cheese or meat..

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  • 2730 days ago

    Charles Fitness trainer
    I love eggbeaters and because you can have so much of them sometimes I will add a little ham or burger meat..or a regular egg to favorite though is just egg beaters scrambled with some spinich and cut cherry tomatoes and topped with a little feta cheese...mmm good!.

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  • 2724 days ago

    Saute' peppers and mushrooms and a little turkey sausage crumbles with a cup of eggbeaters, adn you have your entire meal. If you can spare a little extra lean, throw in some goat cheese too..

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  • 2717 days ago

    I've used EggBeaters to make two different recipes that I found on Sandy's website: cauliflower breadsticks and taco bake. Both were AMAZING!!!.

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  • 2664 days ago

    I use them to make waffles out of my oatmeal...and also as my lean on a day that I am really hungry, as it makes a lot!.

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