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    Anyone interested in the plant-based lifestyle of health and weight losses?

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    Protein is too important for muscle retention and growth, and long term Soy-substitution causes low testosterone and estrogen production in men. No thanks. Plus, any dentist or anthropologist can look at your teeth and tell you that humans aren't menat to be a vegetarian species. We're omnivores. SCIENCE!
    I do salute those who can give up all meat and dairy as a lifestyle, though. I couldn't even imagine it for one day.

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    In high school I went vegan for about 4 months. It's really hard to do when friends and family gobble down juicy steaks in front of your face. My lack of will power back then caused me to just binge on poorly prepared potatoes (deep fried).

    I honestly think a lacto/ovo vegan diet (that includes dairy/egg) is a good way to go, but to fight off carb cravings I personally must have meat.

    The paleo diet of meat/fish/nuts/fruits/vegetables is probably the best diet that worked for me.

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    The paleo diet makes the most sense from the standpoint of "what we used to eat" -- at first glance -- but looking at it again, I just can't believe we weren't "supposed to" cook up eggs or drink milk or make cheese. I mean, if you go back only a short while there was a time we didn't know to cook and eat red kidney beans; does that mean we shouldn't or weren't "meant to?"

    I'm vegetarian (born and bred, but not vegan) and use eggs and slow-cooked black/red/kidney/sugar/butter beans as my primary sources of protein to build lean muscle mass. I also love cheese more than life itself. Full of good bacteria.

    Idealistically, I'd love to go paleo, but can't stomach any kind of meat at all (yes, I have tried) and paleo without meat seems to lack any major protein source.

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    Equalling Vegan diet to lack of protein is a false premise. A dish composed of rice and butterbeans is a very good and abundant source of proteins. No figures right now for I don't have my book.

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  • 2474 days ago

    Going strait vegan (no meat including poultry and fish) without supplementing is a great way to do yourself some very serious damage. I've heard all the arguments about alternative sources of protein etc. but, that doesn't change the fact that as human beings we were designed to be omnivores.

    I'm going to give the short list as to why it's a bad idea - for men specifically:

    1. There is NO substitute for vitamin B12! you can get the other B vitamins from brewers yeast and some other sources but, there is no non animal source of B12. If you are 100% vegan you must take a vitamin B12 supplement or you will eventually damage yourself.
    2. Non-Animal based sources of protein will be used but, not as readily or efficiently as the animal based do. Also, they have the nasty habit of lowing your testosterone levels and raising your estrogen levels. That's very very bad. Elevated estrogen in med leads to moobs, excessive weight gain, rapid mood shifts, sexual dysfunction. & depression (could be because of the previous? LOL). Think about it - you're getting rid of the chemical that makes us men.
    3. Animal proteins (specifically fish but all have it) contain Omega 3's, good colesterol (and the bad too - that's why eating lean meats and trimming fat is important), and fatty acids that you'd have to eat literal bucket loads of plants/herbs to get in the quantities that you need.
    4. No diet at one extreme or the other is healthy. If you ate only meat you'd die of high cholesterol, vitamin deficiencies, and much more. The same goes for 100% vegan (sans the cholesterol).
    5. Yes, fish has heavy metals (especially Atlantic based populations) and you shouldn't have it every day (i believe that 2-3x a week is the suggestion). Thus the need for poultry (and their products) or other meats.

    The most healthy people that I know eat a balanced diet with lean meats and plenty of vegetables. If they get low on protein or start strength training they add a little more chicken and fish to their intake and add whey protein shakes to their diets. They supplement with good quality multivitamins and eat a broad spectrum of vegetables.

    Eggs are still chicken embryos and milk and cheese are animal products so a 100% vegan can't eat them:

    Most "vegans" or "vegetarians" are really this:

    All that said; I'm with the vegetarians/vegans/whatever and we need to consume less (not eliminate) meat than what we are and eat more vegetables.

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