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  • 2896 days ago

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    Hi all-

    Is anyone else experiencing a slower loss of pounds than expected? I think it's this middle age thing. My goal is 15#, and only 4 off in a month. Always under my calorie parameters & exercising pretty darn well. My clothes definitely fit differently on me, but I feel like the change should be a bit more dramatic, and it is really disappointing!!
    Does anyone have a 'magic bullet' that got them moving along? I'm mostly paleo, and have been practicing IF occasionally, use a treadmill for interval training as well as sprints, and lift some weights at home. Oh yes, I am 46 years old.

    Thanks for any advice / parallel situation anecdotes-
    I think it would be easier if I were 36 !

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  • 2857 days ago

    I don't think it's easier if you were 36. I'm 34 and my weight seems to have plateaued at 183. I am 184/183 for a week now. For the last 4 weeks I have dropped 2-3lbs. Now it's stopped. Got to find a way to change it up. Most times, from what I read, that is what it is. Also your goal may be unrealistic for your age. I'm looking at that possibility for myself as well. Even though I know right now I am definitely overweight. But there will come a time when that will be a contending factor. Good luck. Hope you get the results you want soon.

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  • 2854 days ago

    You're not alone. I'm only 31 and having the same problem! Just remember to keep going and that eventually it will pay off. We didn't put it on over night after all!!!!

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  • 2853 days ago

    I know how you feel ... it's not nice when things are moveing that slow and you are doing everything possible to make it happend faster - I loose my currage so many times a week! It's a rollercoaster ride, and I want to get off .... but not until I'm slim and pretty :)

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  • 2852 days ago

    Your rate looks perfect to me, I am happy to do half that rate (mature age). Just by being healthier and more active you are prettier. Anyway, it is pretty on the inside that attracts friends and friends are true gold.

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  • 2733 days ago

    If someone goes to the gym everyday for a month, and does the exact same thing everyday, weight loss will be dramatic at first, but will plateau. One of the most common mistakes is maintaining the same heart rate, when it's actually proven that increasing and decreasing your heart rate throughout your workout is the most effective thing to do!
    Mixing up your workouts is important, which sometimes takes planning. For cardio, intervals on the treadmill, hills, elliptical, LSD (Long Slow Distance), etc. is a good way to mix it up. Be creative, though. Find the best thing to suit you.
    Cardio burns fat well on its own, but including weight training will burn it faster. Create a schedule for yourself (Mondays - Legs, Tuesdays - Arms, etc.) that will help you effectively work your body without working sore muscles.
    Rememeber that if you feel good about yourself, your weight doesn't matter. If you leave the gym after a high intensity workout and you feel like a rockstar, know you're lapping everyone on the couch! Keep it up, you'll see improvement!

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  • 2732 days ago

    Back in the good old days of Weight Watchers, we used to talk a lot about rearranging the furniture. If what you are doing seems to no longer be working, then your body is adjusting to its current state. A couple of options that can help:
    1. Switch something up. Been running for your cardio? Try spinning, jump rope, plyometrics. Eating the same ratio of macronutrients, keep your calories the same, but switch up the "what" (add more protein and reduce carbs, for example). OR, try cycling your calories - keep your overall weekly totals the same, but alternate between high & low days.
    2. Take your measurements. Sometimes what we don't see on the scale, we can see with a measuring tape. That always got me through "plateaus".
    You are doing great - keep at it & you'll see the pay-off.

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  • 2730 days ago

    In my experience it's going to take time. In my case the better of 10 years and more focused on the last two. It took the last year to lose 15 pounds and I'm pretty darn healthy. I know everyone wants a quick fix and I've tried plenty. Some probably sabotaged my weight loss. But as they say 'Slow and steady wins the race' and when it comes to weight loss it is true. Plus if you doing strength excercises you could be building muscle so your muscle is just replacing the fat. Focus on you inch loss more and try not to develop a scale addiction. I speak from personaly experience it is not fun to have and I don't know how to break it.

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  • 2610 days ago

    I'm the same age as you are . Those who are younger take note, in your mid-late forties your body will shift its fat from your bum, thighs to your stomach. The ONLY way to keep this from happening apparently is to dramatically change your diet, stop drinking and eat more greens. HA! This for me is hard, and I'm glad to have another person my age here! Keep going, and change it up as well - don't worry about the slower weight loss, it's a part of our journey. I'm going to ask my Dr. about DIM (see what Dr. Oz has to say).

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  • 2605 days ago

    You must be having problems with your leptin , it doesn't matter your age you know. Your leptin is the hormone that burns fat in your body , and so ... you seem like your won't work and i know why. You see , you might have been on factory foods like lays chips and sugary foods like ice cream and cake, for too long , so your leptin won't work.
    But if you go off of your sugar and factory foods for two weeks , it will improve and add some exercise to it! if it still doesn't work , don't give in , increase your time because , some times when you've been on sugar and factory foods for too long , it takes a longer time for it to start working again. So, for now, try that two week off sugar and factory foods and do exercise (don't kill your self with one hour work outs , try 5 minutes to start and each time increase the time limit, and choose healthy foods like : salad and fruit for meals instead of: pizza, take out , greasy burgers.

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  • 2598 days ago

    Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. I've been grain-free since last spring, but do indulge in chocolate covered almonds (1/4c) a few times a week. :).Not a fan of fried foods, no crazy sweet tooth. I think the weight training idea along with cardio is the way to go. Metabolism is a lot slower at 47 than 27. But the decrease of weight has been slow & steady. Down to 140# now!

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  • 2474 days ago

    Totally agree

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