What Medifast meals do you hate?

  • 2349 days ago

    Raegan Level 1
    I have read a few posts on here about foods people just could not stomach one of which was the oatmeal. I thought, how bad could it be I love oatmeal even plain oatmeal. As soon as I poured the package contents into the bowl I could see why, it was powder with no oats. I added the water and it actually smelled good so I was starting to feel better until I actually warmed it up and it started to smell off. I got all of 3 bites in when I just had to toss it..

    Any other foods I should be worried about? What are your Medifast foods you just cannot stomach?.

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  • 2347 days ago

    I actually got used to alot of the foods. at first I couldnt stand things like oatmeal and most of the shakes but now they arent so bad. however there are a few things I still find absolutely repulsive..

    The strawberry shakes: they taste horrid. medifast doesnt do artificial fruit flavors to well i'm afraid..

    The pretzles: I loved the idea of these so I ordered some. they smell good, they even taste okay however the texture is really really bad ! it's like eating saw dust..

    The cold drinks:another example of medifast not doing fruit flavors very wellI dislike the taste of all the ice teas and punches, they taste like rancid fruit and milk mixed together. some people actually like them though..

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  • 2342 days ago

    I took one bite of the oatmeal and threw it out. Totally inedible for me..

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  • 2334 days ago

    Love the oatmeal, hate the fruit and nut bars and the strawberry crunch bars. Haven't tried the brownies, soft serve, puddings or drinks..

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  • 2333 days ago

    Oatmeals, chili, beef stew..

    The oatmeals can be improved by adding less water and nuking them until they are a sort of rubbery muffin/pancake, then eating them with sugar free maple syrup..

    The chili can be improved by adding some canned tomato or rotel and hot sauce..

    The beef stew can be improved by flushing it, throwing it away in your neighbor's trashcan, or burning it up the next time you have a campfire..

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  • 2326 days ago

    I love the oatmeal. There was never a point in time when I disliked it. Weird. The peach oatmeal is gross, thoughI don't think I'd like *any* peach oatmeal; Medifast or otherwise..

    I'm not a fan of the Chocolate Chip Pancakes. They taste like eggs to me for reason..

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  • 2326 days ago

    Kind of worried bc I have the strawberry shake waiting to eat for lunch today. Shame to hear the soft serve is no good I was actually looking forward to giving it a try tonight as my last meal..

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  • 2318 days ago

    I loveee the oatmeal! the ones I can't take are vanilla shakes, strawberry shakes, and the eggs- bleh! I could not handle any of the soups..

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  • 2309 days ago

    Taste changes on Medifast if you give it the chance to. I hated oatmeal when I first started. I choked it down the first day. Not a good start to the diet, I was ready to quit after breakfast! The next day I went to the eggs and loved them. But as time went on it turned all the way around. I learned to love the oatmeal and now despise the smell & taste of eggs!.

    I still don't like the shakes. All of them, but I drink them anyway. And I can't stand the soft serve, but the peanut butter ones makes AMAZING cookies!!.

    I love the recipes you can find on the boards. They help to tweak the nasty stuff to make them edible..

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  • 2301 days ago

    Oatmeal....ugh!! Working on making them a bar. The cappucino is HORRIBLE. I almost threw it back up...no way...no how!!!!!!!.

    I do however like the strawberry shakes that everyone else doesn't. It is not on the top of my list but I throw it in ever now and then to shake things up..

    I agree with eveyrone else...your palette changes. If you do not like something, push it to the back and try again in a week..

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  • 2292 days ago

    Pretzels are the only thing I cant handle, although some things are better then others!.

    I mix the oatmeal first thing in the morning, microwave it for 90 seconds and go exercise, when I am ready I warm it up for another minute and it had the texture of oats, I also use 3/4 cup of water so it isn't pasty =].

    I do the same with the soups.

    Everything is better if it has time to sit and hydrate..

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  • 2285 days ago

    Can't stand the Caramel crunch bars and the Cappucino..

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  • 2280 days ago

    The cream of tomato soup. I'm going to follow the posted recipes to try making into a thin bagel. But on it's own it is nasty! Honestly, I should have exchanged after the 1st packet, while I still could. We'll see if the recipe is good..

    Strawberry shakes - I don't love them, but also don't hate them. Got them free in my VIP pack and I'll drink them, but won't reorder..

    Oatmeal - yeah, I don't love it either. Have the maple sugar flavor. I've read about making it into a "muffin" and I'm going to try that; with coffee..

    Pancakes - I was not impressed; I have the plain. BUT, yesterday I tried them in a BIG BIG mug, 70 seconds and voila! drizzled a bit of Mrs. Butterworth's SF syrup on it and was VERY VERY good. (I checked at wal-mart and Mrs B's syrup is on the pricier end, but less on the carbs for the same serving size and I must say tasted really good. Prior to MF, I only used pure maple syrup = pure sinful yumminess! But Mrs B didn't let me down; good for SF stuff)..

    Brownies - a disappointment at first, but read about alternate ways to make (less time in micro or NO micro at all and stick in freezer for "fudge"). Now I love them and changed my order to get more of them..

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the chkn noodle soup. I read soups should be soaked overnight. I'm not a planner.but if I make to take w/me, I stick it in my little thermos and it sets until I'm ready to eat it (usually 1-4 hrs later). It stays very hot in there and is delicious to me! Funny, cause I don't really like regular chicken noodle soup..

    Puddings and shakes - both are WAYYYYY better in the blender. Bought a mini Hamilton Beach, does an adequate job. Bought at Bella Kitchen ROCKET (on sale at Kohl's for $19.99!) and is MUCH more powerful; which should also help for the soft serve I have yet to try. Vanilla pudding reminds me of cake batter..


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  • 2271 days ago

    Absolutely hate the brownies. My DH and I are doing this together and neither of us can stand the brownies. I just tried the French Vanilla shake today with diet root beer MMM tasted like a root beer float. We both dislike the soft serve, but I found that if I make it as a shake, it is really quite good. Don't know what difference that makes.. the stuff in the packet is still the same, just adding more water.

    For instance I mixed a dark chocolate shake with the peanut butter soft serve and it was pretty good (counts as two Medifast meals). DH and I also don't like the Lemon Meranque(sp?) crunch bars..

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  • 2264 days ago

    Hate the oatmeal. That was my first Medifast meal and I gagged and threw it away. Just made cookies out of it today and they were pretty good..

    Hate all the shakes!.

    Love the bars, choc, choc mint, fruit and nut, strawberry, lemon.

    Love the stew and chic noodle soup. COT is ok if you add basil and chili is ok if you add some extra tomato. no flavor in chic & rice soup.

    Have a brownie every night with a little 5 calorie redi whip!.

    Never tried the soft serve.

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  • 2261 days ago

    I love the oatmeal. Many others do too. It's all a matter of personal taste. There's not been a single Medifast product that I did not love, like quite well or could not find a way to enjoy..

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  • 2258 days ago

    The Cherry Pom shakes taste like cherry Sucrets to me. Yucko.

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  • 2258 days ago

    Let's see... I do not like ANY of the oatmeals. I do not like any of the drinks (meals). I do not like the cream of chicken or the brocolli soups. I think the chili should be flushed! Making a list of what I do like would easier! Somethings really gag me!.

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  • 2258 days ago

    Making the tomato soup into flatbread is now my new favorite too - love it. I put some of Walden Farms chocolate syrup on top of the brownie and it's also one of my favorites. When I first started I could not stomach the oatmeals, now they are my favorites. I do add 1 pkg. of splenda to them and let the sit a bit before I eat them. Our tastes do change after awhile..

    I have also combined both the Chicken and Wild Rice soup with the Chicken Noodle and eaten it as 2 meals. It's a more substantial 'dinner' and one of my favorites also..

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  • 2258 days ago

    I just started back on Medifast a couple of weeks ago. Here are a couple of things that have helped with some of the foods..

    First of all, I mix all of my shakes in a Magic Bullet - absolutely worth the price. I add about 1/2 to 3/4 cup ice and 1 cup water, then add the dry shake mix and whatever else you're going to add to it..

    Strawberry shake - add 1/4 tsp. Lemonade Crystal lite - tastes like a Strawberry lemonade.

    Vanilla shake - add Davinci sugar-free syrups - we like caramel, English toffee, raspberry, chocolate.

    Soups - when you're making them into soup, you have to soak them for at least an hour. I also add more water when I'm a little more hungry..

    Tomato Soup - I always make the tomato flatbread and spread a laughing cow lite cheese on it - so good!.

    Maryland Crab Soup - I add a few sprinkles of Molly McButter and some onion powder and a little garlic salt. We had salmon the night before and we added about 1 oz the next day to our soup (and taking that from our lean portion for the day), and it was really good. I'm going to try some Old Bay with it next time..

    Chicken Noodle Soup and Chicken Wild Rice Soup - I add about 1/4 tsp. Chicken Better than Bouillion. I've also added hot mustard to the chicken noodle soup and a dash of Bragg's amino acids and it tastes like hot Chinese soup..

    Parmesan Puffs - heat them up in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds. Spray I Can't Believe It's Not Butter - they taste like popcorn. That's my favorite meal in the evening when we're watching a movie..

    Make sure you keep track of those for your condiments..

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  • 2258 days ago

    I LOVE the parmesan puffs microwave idea. Never thought of that. Thanks for that tip..

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