what's your main goal here?

  • 2697 days ago

    fitbodyfitmind Level 1
    to lose weight or to keep the weight you have but much more toned?

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  • 2694 days ago

    verlorenindienacht Nutritionist
    My main goal is to get the motivation to lose 30-35 lbs and get toned. What about you?

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  • 2675 days ago

    To monitor my intake, Keep track and try out this site and write a review.

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  • 2666 days ago

    How to serve healthy food quickly?

    Sometimes we just have the time and energy to choose the kind of fast food. In a survey conducted in 2001 by the UK Cathedral City Diary, about 65% of women found time to eat is when the trouble. If possible, they prefer to prepare fast food. In fact, these days we are very busy lifestyles, so most of us rarely eat at home. We can see a lot of people walking in a hurry while eating whatever they can hold it with one hand on the streets.

    For most of us, work consume most of our time. Incorporate healthy eating habits among all our activities very difficult. However, problems arise due to eating habits in a hurry is a lack of quality and choice of food. Food stores in general, we find solid foods high in fat and sugar that has been processed. For us to stay healthy in a hurry when the key is creating a glut of nutritious foods with a limited time.

    1. Plan
    Any type of diet will have problems if we wait until hungry before eating. A little planning can benefit a lot. If we are going bekrja throughout the afternoon, we can bring something to eat quickly and not striking to prevent the fall in blood sugar levels and drive hunger.

    2. Take advantage of the rest of the food as much as possible
    If available in the workplace kitchen / microwave, dish today can be brought to work the next day with a plastic container and reheated for lunch.

    3. Make juice
    Visit the shop nearest juice to a glass of fresh fruit blend that gives energy. Sometimes we can choose the ingredients yourself. If there was a kitchen at work, take a blender and process chopped fruit with plain yogurt to make a healthy low-fat smoothie.

    4. Wrap
    To make the food we eat dapa car or train, wrap small pieces of chicken or fish in a little lettuce or bread. Add a little vegetable or apple slices to get small portions of nutritious foods.

    5. Bring stock
    The key is to find healthy foods that are not broken in perjalaann. The options include cheese, yogurt, celery, peppers, carrots, and apples. Make alloy nuts and dried fruit itself, then take it to work.

    6. Create a list
    Think of as many possible combinations of healthy snacks, some fresh and some long lasting. In this way, we will have a variety of nutritious choices when hunger comes attacking.


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