Why am I not losing weight on Medifast?

  • 3283 days ago

    Emilia Level 1
    So~ as I was doing my hair this morning, I thought it would be helpful to create a thread for people who feel they are not losing enough or think they are in a stall. Several weeks ago I had a zero pound loss, and panicked. I searched the threads and read every post that had the word stall or plateau in it...so maybe this could help some instead of them searching the boards. Please feel free to add you ideas, because surely I am not going to catch all of them. It basically comes down to 2 things: re-examining how you operate Medifast and changing things up..

    1. What is a stall: Well, it appears after reading all the posts, we are talking about 0 pound loss, that stems over a long period of time, over 2 weeks. Its not having a 0 pound loss for just one week or one day. We are talking weeks.

    SO if you have a 0 pound loss one week don't automatically assume that your weightloss is stalled..

    2. How much should you lose per week? It depends on the person (more below). Medifast states the average is 2-5 pounds per week. I lose 1-2 pounds per week...and happy as a clam with that..

    3. Height/starting weight: This plays a HUGE role in how much you will lose each week. For me, I started at about 170 on a 5 ft 2 frame, and well, now at 129, no way I expect to pull off a 3 pound week. So if you are tall and have a larger amount to lose, you should have bigger numbers each week, or may may not (see below). However, if you come to Medifast with only 20-30 pounds to lose, I would not expect to see more than 2 pounds a week, in my opinion. And if your a guy bleh, you lose quicker and more, that is a fact..

    4. Water: Are you drinking enough? The rule of thumb we see on this board is drink 1/2 your body weight. So if you feel that your weightloss has slowed, why not try upping your water intake? I found that I really need to concentrate daily to get all my water in. If I do not, then I tend not to drink all of my water, which is still about 120 oz a day which is more than 1/2 my weight. I just think it's good for the body and the skin...and sure makes you peeeee!.

    5. Weighing foods: Ahhhh, this is a biggie in my opinion. If you are not weighing your LG foods, I would start now. Also make sure you weigh veggies/meats in the stage you are going to eat them and also make sure you weigh in grams for veggies. you get a lot more, and if your not weighing you could be under or over-eating. Are you eyeballing? You may be surprised that you are over-eating or undereating (probably undereating).

    This could be a BIG key in your success..

    6. Condiments- a subject for an entire thread...some don't count the dry ones, some use more than they should- some don't use any...some stick to 3 as outlined by MF. A ton of the "recipes" have condiments in them. I could assume, and yes, only assuming, that if your 5 Medifast meals consist of the doctored recipes with additional condiments, it could possibly slow your weight loss. I have never tried any Medifast recipes that had any additional foods to it- so I do not know. I also know some people are completely fine if they use them...but if you are feeling like your weighloss has slowed/stopped, then I would examine how many of the doctored Medifast meals you are eating and then maybe stop for a week and see what happens..

    7. Optional snack ahhh, another possible culprit. I know, sometimes this is SUPER needed. I get it and applaud those who can do it. I can't, unless it's gum or mints to get that nasty taste out of my mouth. How many days a week are you eating the optional snack? Its completely allowed and not stating you should NOT have it, but again, if you are upset that your weightloss has slowed or stopped, maybe try to not have one everyday, or make the choice the lowest in carbs/calories. Those crisps sold by Medifast are about 70 calories (off the top of my head)- so maybe have a pickle or a sugar free jello instead? Maybe try not having one at all for a week? Again, I'm not saying that those who have one everyday is wrong- just speaking to those who feel discouraged- and they can try this to zap the weight loss again..

    8. Exercise: Are you doing to much? Are you doing none at all? This would possibly play a factor in your loss. If you are doing too much, you are probably burning too many calories and your body thinks it is in starvation mode and may slow your weight-loss. Maybe cut back a little for the next week? I do not exercise at all, and probably has made my weight loss slower so, if you do not exercise and think your weight loss has slowed/stopped maybe try to add 15-20 min 3-5 times a week and see what happens?.

    9. Did you have a great loss last week? So if your weight loss was low this week, what about the last week? I find if I lose 2-3 pounds one week, I am bound to have a 1 pound loss week the next. For you, you may have a 4-6 pound week - and then a 2 pounder and you freak don't...its the final weight that counts. You should count every oz lost as a blessing..

    10. Medical issues: So, if you feel none of the above applies to you- maybe go to your doctor- if your weight loss stalls/stops for several weeks. You may have a thyroid/hormonal condition. Those of us who have thyroid, expect to lose slower than the rest of the bunch..

    11. Logging foods: I think this is key and be honest with what you log. Its important for you to be able to look back and see what you have been eating..

    So I end this long rant with love and hugs for everyone. We each have a different journey and are here for each other. My weight-loss may not be the same as you- and I KNOW it could be frustating when you are 100% on plan and the scale is not moving quick. Just review the above and see what you need to either re-examine or shake up, and I bet you will see that scale moving in no time.....

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  • 3276 days ago

    Ohhhh forgot the CONSTIPATION factor- a good pro-biotic, or flax seeds, psyllium- helps get the body flowing.

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  • 3275 days ago

    This is awesome. I'm going to save it.

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  • 3274 days ago

    This is a great reminder to all of us. Thank you for taking the time to write this..

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  • 3274 days ago

    - Off plan foods. Just because it seems everyone else is eating Laughing Cow cheese, doesn't mean you should. Nutrition Support still doesn't recommend it and it is officially off-plan. Some of us actually don't eat it because it's off plan..

    - Thinking that "fat free" anything is going to be okay to add in - no, it's not. Usually fat-free means they added in carbs when they took out the fat. Fat-free cheese is NOT on plan..

    - Not reading labels - your diet soda may have 6 grams of carbs in it..

    - Bites, Licks, and Tastes - these can add up.

    - Staying at one extreme of the plan guidelines or the other. If you have as little as possible, staying substantially under 80 carbs/day, you may be putting your body into starvation mode. If you work the plan for the most possible carbs/calories per day, it might be too much. Try varying the foods you eat, or "carb cycling" where you eat at the low end of carbs for a couple days and then the high end for a couple days - this can wake your body up..

    - Some people report issues with too much sodium. Clearly this is errant nonsense and you'll pry my salt lick out of my cold dead hands. But just in case, I offer it here..

    - Not reading the plan guidelines closely enough and getting in all your healthy fats for the leans, etc..

    - Choosing condiments carefully. Clearly a tablespoon of salsa is not equivalent to cream cheese or parmesan. Maybe make a shift to condiments that don't "add" quite so much..

    - Being on the wrong diet. According to Nutrition Support, "The Medifast 5 & 1 Plan is designed for people who are overweight or obese (BMI >25) and have at least 15 pounds of body fat to lose and thus fat stores to utilize as fuel. It may not be as effective or appropriate for persons who are already at a healthy body weight.".

    - Weighing too often and psyching yourself out. If the scale depresses you or makes you want to give up, put it away and go by how your pants fit..

    Good luck!!!.

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  • 3269 days ago

    Good thread. So many times we see posts from people panicking because they haven't lost anything for 2 days and wonder what's going on. The fact of the matter is, we are living creatures, so absolutely NOTHING about weight (loss OR gain) is straight-forward or completely linear. Sometimes, it just is what it is and we have to deal with it..

    One small correction to your list, though: A plateau is defined as 3 or more weeks with absolutely no weight loss at all (not even a fraction of a pound). If your loss has slowed, but you still lost, you have not hit a plateau. If your haven't lost anything for a week or 2, you have not hit a plateau. If you happen to hit a plateau, be sure to measure yourself your body is still doing what it supposed to, it just isn't showing on the scale..

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  • 3262 days ago

    Someone (Corbie, I believe) left that as a comment to a freak-out I was having about my scale not moving and it really hit home for me. Take a look at where you were a month ago, two months ago... If you look at progress through a narrow lens, you will be sorely disappointed. Looking at the big picture REALLY helps..

    Also, I want to echo something Freya mentioned about "just b/c everyone else is eating LC cheese...." ... When I was a newbie, I would see recipes posted and because I was still getting the hang out of it, I just assumed the recipes were completely on plan. Definitely not true! If vets hadn't chimed in and said, hey, btw, this isn't completely OP, I would have been completely in the dark. If something looks or sounds too good to be true, it might be, so double check with your own Medifast nutrition pdfs..

    Everything mentioned so far is great, I will keep this in mind for myself and to recommend to anyone going through a hard time..

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  • 3262 days ago

    This is an absolute must-read thread for newbies and veterans alike. I wish the moderators would post this as a sticky on the top of this forum. Great advice from everyone..

    Thank you, tara, for posting it and for all the time you took to write it..

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  • 3258 days ago

    Great thread! Thanks for starting this. I agree, this one ought to be sticky..

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  • 3253 days ago

    Hey stalking victim of mineaka freya, thanks for chiming in!!.

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  • 3244 days ago

    I forgot another friend. Tom- the monthly visitor. It causes many to not lose or even gain. Even if you are 10000% op. It plays games with your head and can be a very vulnerable time for many of us to step off track! I track my friend and expect a zero week before I get it..

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  • 3235 days ago

    You are doing great. Keep it up and forget about Thomas..

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  • 3227 days ago

    I'd like to add to that one. Some of us also do not lose, or not lose as much, during ovulation. It stinks, but I usually get a bigger loss the followig week..

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  • 3224 days ago

    Yes this is a great thread!.

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  • 3220 days ago

    Thank you for starting it! Great thread, and full of wonderful information, all in one handy place. Nice work!.

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  • 3219 days ago

    Thank you so much for posting this reminder..

    I only lost .4 this past week which bums me out. But it is good to read the above. I AM eating sunflower seeds........even though I know I shouldn't. I am going to have to put them away and quit it!!!!.

    Thanks again..

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  • 3214 days ago

    Freya - I wanted to say a quick word about sodium....

    Obviously you've made the choice for yourself that sodium is okay, but I would suggest that it's something that many MF'ers would take care to watch. While you're absolutely correct that sodium does not cause people to gain fat or muscle weight, it.


    Cause them to retain water, which gives the appearance of gaining weight, which can be discouraging to people who are following MF..

    Additionally, many people who begin Medifast are obese and may have health issues involving hypertension, kidney issues, or digestive issues. Excessive sodium intake (and/or the increased fluid retention caused by it) can be linked to any number of health issues, including those I just listed above as well as osteoporosis, sudden heart failure, and even some cancers..

    Nutrition support has noted that Medifast foods include a daily sodium allowance that is neither low nor high. I, for one, see no point in pushing my sodium intake into the high side by adding any more to my diet than is unavoidable..

    You're correct that salt is not off plan (it appears on the condiments list), but I think calling sodium issues "errant nonsense" is not correct. If sodium can cause a higher number on the scale (fluid retention), then it is something MF'ers should note and monitor carefully..

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  • 3205 days ago

    I am recommitting tomorrow! Thank you so much for posting this. This is exactly why I got off plan - that and my grandmother dying. My 20 year high school reunion is in less than a month. It is now or never! Want to drop 10! I can do it - just have to stay on program!.

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  • 3200 days ago

    Hi Deb! Please allow me to introduce you to my dear friend: self-deprecating sarcasm..

    I was making a joke at my own expense about my addiction to salt. I included sodium in my list because I AGREE WITH YOU 100% and that was the point I was making! I was suggesting that people should consider their salt intake because it can affect their health..

    Thank you for providing so much more detail - that rocks!.

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  • 3192 days ago

    Thanks for the Bump , this is a good read !! I will conquer you 200 lbs !!!.

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  • 3192 days ago

    Thanks Freya. Although I am devastated to learn frozen pizza is not on plan.


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